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Would you care to share stories from your childhood or from when you were a teen when you were misbehaving or doing something dumb, but didn't get caught?

Asked by Val123 (12684points) March 18th, 2010

When I was a kid we had a stand up shower downstairs with a glass door that was held closed by a magnet. We got this wild hair to turn it into a people-aquarium. We plugged up the drain hole, intending to fill the whole shower with water! It didn’t work, thank goodness, ‘cause can you imagine the mess if it had started working and that shower door popped open from the pressure of the water??!! Didn’t tell my father about it till I was in my 20’s!

As a teen, sneaking out of the house at night to rendezvous with my boyfriend. Well, actually, I’d tell my folks that I was sneaking out so they wouldn’t worry if they woke up and found me gone….One evening I told my folks I was sneaking out that night, Dad said I couldn’t. With that cheery, teenage arrogance I said, “Well, I just won’t tell you then!”.........Turns out that was when BTK / Dennis Rader was starting his killing spree. I hadn’t heard about it yet, but Dad had. We lived in the country in a town about 20 miles north of Wichita, and the chance of running into him was nil, but, still….

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Having the middle name of “DAMMIT!”,I had some adventures. ;)
No,I didn’t play the piano with a hammer…that was my sister .lol

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I wasn’t the one who rubbed a magnet across our brand new, first ever color TV because it looked like the Aurora Borialis when you did it! (sp) AND…it wrecked the color. That was my sister. :)

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My best gf’s bf had cheated on her and gotten the other girl pregnant so a group of us girls drove to his house, poured gasoline across the lawn in an attempt to spell, “baby daddy” and set it afire along with the gas container which we threw at the roof and caught part of that on fire too.

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We tried to fill the shower up, too.

We played baseball out in the cow fields.
I bet you can guess what our bases were.
That was really dumb, considering the bull was out there. It was all part of our game.
We ‘fessed up two Christmases ago and were told that our parents did the same thing.

Misbehaving? Hmmm. Sneaking food I should be, and sneaking out of the house.
Or just general school skipping in general. I had it down to where the attendance lady wouldn’t call the house anymore. And if the automated Your son or daughter was absent from school today call made it to my house, it got there at 5:48 every night. So as long as I made sure to have the phone then, or call the house to “check in” at that time, I was good to go.

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The pregnant girl had a little VW Golf type of car, turquoise color until we crept up during the night outfitted like ninjas, spray painted it orange and black and hammered lumber nails into all four tires. She didn’t point a finger at us because she was hiding the pregnancy from her parents, the fact she’d had sex in the first place and with someone else’s bf to boot. we were bad girls, even had black t-shirts for several years with white writing that said, “BAD GIRLS”.

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Nice try! I’ll never tell!

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@Silhouette Yer no fun! I won’t tell your folks! Promise!

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@Val123 Okay, this one time at band camp…......

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@Silhouette ok…baby steps here. What instrument did you play??

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The man that lived two doors up from us was real mean and hateful to all the kids. One night me and my sister was walking to the store and it had snowed a good 7 or 8 inches and I got a bright idea. We stuffed his mailbox FULL of snow. I mean we packed it in there as tight as we could get it. I think it took a good week or two before it thawed out enough before he could start getting his mail again.

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@Val123 Clarinet Okay here’s a story..When we were kids we went door to door and sold candy bars, my parents owned a store and had given us some candy that was about to expire, we sold them for 2.00 a pop. We told everybody it was for a charity event at school. We made a bundle and we were in high cotton all summer long.

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@Silhouette Well. As a former small-business owner I appreciate the idea of that! The charity story tho…bad girl!! (Could have been worse! You could have told them your mother was dying of cancer and needed help paying the bills, and sold them for $4 a pop!)

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@Val123 I’m bad, but I’m not that bad. ;o)

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Could we fudge on the age a little? The one time I was ever in any legal trouble was for a DUI at age 19. As part of my sentence, I had to attend 3 AA meetings per month. One night after work I wanted to attend one in an area hospital, but was unsure of it’s location inside said building. I had worked all day and hadn’t eaten anything all day, so I slammed my car through a Micky D’s and hauled ass to the hospital.

I grabbed my food and drink and approached the nurse to find out where, in this maze of corridors, this meeting was, and received the directions. I plopped down in an empty seat inside the meeting room, having only minutes left to eat before the gavel banged, so I ate as much as I could, as fast as I could. The problem was, people were looking at me. I figured it must’ve smelled good or something, but I really didn’t want to interrupt the meeting once it started, so I was doing some major shoveling, so as not to be rude.

THe speaker comes in. I shove everything into the bag, crumple it up, throw it in the trash, and quickly sit back down. Mr. Speaker bangs the gavel and says, “The meeting of Overeater’s Anonymous will now come to order”.

The stupid nurse had given me directions to the wrong damn meeting! Bahahahhaha!!

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ROFL!!!! GREAT story @phillis! That is poetic!!

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When I was in highschool my best friend and I, brought 19 chickens to school, and labled them 1–20 skipping the number 19, and let them run around the school. The principal and other staff never found out who did it.

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Caught? It’s lucky I’m not dead!
Jumping from roof to roof (about 12’ apart), stupid exhibition driving stunts, and gym class…

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R U kidding me I never got caught. My mother always said “if you are going to do something stupid then don’t get caught”.

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Dumb: I took apart my transistor radio at 6, and I didn’t know how to put it back together. I blamed someone else for knocking it off a table and that’s how it broke! Honest!

Misbehaving: I took 10% of any money my cousin made from his little “grow room” in the basement, and if he snuck to banned concerts (all of them, really, but he was a big Prince fan), I demanded he pay me $10. I also snuck to concerts; my first one was a Hall & Oates show in 1982.

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When I was about 10, a park maintenance told me I could not go through the trash to pick out all the Popsicle prize coupons, so I snuck around and kicked out some slats in the bandstand. My sister and I collected thousands of those prize coupons that summer and sent off for dozens of neat prizes.

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I once bought a train ticket to Amsterdam when I was 15/16 and although my mother didn’t allow it, I went there by myself one weekend, slept at a friend of mine while my mother thought I was staying at a different friend downtown. She found my ticket 3 weeks later and she couldn’t do a thing about it lol!

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@shego That’s great!!
Oh! My son had just gotten his driver’s license. He asked if he could take the car and four friends to go camping at the lake. I said sure. However….they actually went to a concert in Wichita about 65 miles away! They made a huge mistake in leaving one of their friends, Shane, out of the plans, because not long after they left Shane narked on ‘em.
Well…..this was a bit tricky because I didn’t really want my son to know that his friend had spilled the beans, so just bid my time….about three days later, all da gang was gathered in my kitchen, just talking like we often did. Well, Zack exclaimed, at one point, “Boy! You should have seen Chris driving at the Co….uh….uh…the LAKE!”
I quietly said, “You mean the Colosseum?”
You’d never believe how quiet a room full of seven strapping boys can get! Plus, Shane was there too. I sneaked a peek at him. He looked like he was gonna frow up! And they were between a rock and a hard spot. Couldn’t say, “How did you know?” because that would be admitting he’d done it! I was cracking up inside, really! They just knew they couldn’t say a freaking word! Then I said, “Chris, I can read your mind. I’ve told you that before. I will always know if you’ve done something you shouldn’t be doing.” That’s one of the reasons my kids still have this suspicion that I’m a witch.

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