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Does anyone have some tips for the best way to go about living and working in Sweden?

Asked by SofaKingSmart (49points) September 24th, 2011

I have a keen interest in moving to Sweden in the next few years.

I am an American studying law in the UK. Obviously I don’t have the free movement benefits like EU citizens, however I am sure there must be some ways to achieve this!

Currently I am not really considering marriage as a possible option. I have thought about doing a Masters in Sweden, however this would only grant me one year of living there, with no possibilities to extend.

I am not fluent in Swedish, and I know that surely this must be a requirement for working in the legal field. Simply because I have a law degree wouldn’t get me hired, I am sure they wouldn’t appreciate me applying for jobs with caveman-esque Swedish language capabilities! I am not certain however if the language would be a requirement or not – as I know plenty of foreign people do work in Sweden without being fluent in their language.

Anyway, this is my first attempt at seeking some advice on where I can begin to plan this. My main questions are, what would I need to do to accomplish moving to Sweden? Are there any other jobs I may consider, which would allow me to move there, taking into account my degree in law?

I would love to hear your experiences if anyone has done a similar move, and where you began! Thanks so much!

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My so emigrated to Sweden about 15 years ago. If you PM me an e-mail address, I can have him contact you.

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The best way might be to make millions and then apply as a financially independent immigrant.

Go to the Swedish immigration web site and look at other options. As I recall, if you can show Swedish ancestry you can apply, or if you have been living there for some other reason. If you have job skills that a Swedish company wants you for, they may be willing to sponsor your immigration status.

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