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Would a person going FTM (or visa versa) be allowed to participate in any athletic sports events on an international scale?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26834points) September 24th, 2011

With the Olympics approaching again and the ever widening reach of the GLBT society, if a person was going FTM but was 65% female, and 35% male would that person be allowed to compete? They can’t really go, or be sent to the Special Olympics because they are not disabled. If they wanted to have their Olympic experience could they? Would it depend on the sport? If it were a sport like rowing, mountain bike racing, or single pursuit (cycling), how do you think the majority of females who are 100% female feel about it? Do you think they would say because there is still about 30 some odd percent of the male left that it make for an unfair advantage? Eventually, it is an issue that will have to be address the way things are going, so how is it going to be made to work?

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You might find this article interesting… It states (among interesting info about testing etc) that: “Transsexuals, who have had a sex change from male to female, can compete in women’s events in the Olympics, as long they wait two years after the operation.”

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Not during the change.

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(Vice versa, please. No credit cards necessary).

My old buddy, Richard Raskin, who became Renée Richards in his/her forties was a ranked professional tennis player and the former captain of the tennis team at Yale.

After a confusing number of years, he had the surgery and hormone cocktails.

He then started to play the women’s pro tennis circuitand got huge amounts of flak due to his size (6’ 2”), stature and remaining musculature. The cruel joke at the time was that he had the change in order to get a higher ranking.

Here’sée_Richards what the NYS Supreme court had to say about this.

“Renée Richards (born August 19, 1934) is an American ophthalmologist, author and former professional tennis player. In 1975, Richards underwent sex reassignment surgery. She is known for initially being denied entry into the 1976 US Open by the United States Tennis Association, citing an unprecedented women-born-women policy. She disputed the ban, and the New York Supreme Court ruled in her favor in 1977. This was a landmark decision in favor of transsexual rights.”

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As long as their travel visa and passport is in order, no problem :)

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It depends on the sport, but I believe that the testosterone used to treat FTMs may be classed as a “performance-enhancing substance”. MTFs would not have that problem.

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was 65% female, and 35% male – what does that even mean?

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