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I have a question from my brother. [Details inside]?

Asked by AshLeigh (16312points) September 24th, 2011

My brother, Justin, is going to ask his girlfriend to marry him. :)
We want a really good idea of how he can ask her.
He has a few funny ideas, like “We’ll get in the bathtub, and I’ll be like ‘Danielle, you’re sitting on my ring. Well, now since your ass has been all over it, you might as well just keep it.’” But I’m pretty sure he’s only joking about that one.
So what are some good ideas for us to mess around with? We’ll probably change it up, and make it more “Justin-ish”, but a starting idea would be great. :)

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I can’t speak for women… not being one.. but I’ve always been a fan of the classics. There’s no need to write something in the sky or propose at midcourt of an nba game… if it’s the right woman he should be able to walk/drive to a romantic spot that they can remember forever, get on one knee, and tell her what she means to him.

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Your brother should think that someday he’s going to have to tell his parents – and his kids – “How I proposed to my wife / your mother”.

It shouldn’t be a joke.

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@CWOTUS, he doesn’t actually want to propose like that. He’s only kidding. Chill, bro.

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He should put it in a slice of cake… he may want to learn the Heimlich maneuver though…

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There’s always the hide-the-ring idea. Go to the movies and put the ring in the bottom of the popcorn. Send her a dozen roses and include the ring. Bring a bouquet of helium-filled balloons with the ring tied to the strings.

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@King_Pariah and @Hawaii_Jake He wants to be original, and not put the ring in food. :P

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@AshLeigh : 2 out of the 3 ideas I gave did not involve food. If he wants to be original that means he’s going to have to think of the idea himself.

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What’s wrong with a joke? Many people do it and it’s great. It’s a funny life time story. See?

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@Hawaii_Jake, I know, but one of them did involve food.
I didn’t say he couldn’t think of an idea himself. But when I need advice on something I usually turn to Fluther, because you guys always have good ideas. I clearly stated that I would like a starting idea to play around with. Chill, bro.

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I like the bathtub idea. I think it’s hilarious, and I think if he is a funny guy that it suits his personality, which is most important.

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have him spell it out in rose petals and candles lighting the room then when she comes home he can be down on one knee with the ring…...

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I love the story of when Jim Carrey proposed to his gf. He took her to San Francisco, to a scenic spot, got down on one knee, and displayed the ring while singing “Be My Baby”.

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I know what @CWOTUS is talking about.
My husband proposed in a passionate moment. I don’t have a story that I can tell in mixed company.

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A cousin of mine proposed to her husband via a scavenger hunt that took him through all their favorite places around town.

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Nice, @Judi.

You’ll probably enjoy this one, too. I knew I had seen it once before… it took awhile to find again.

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@ANef_is_Enuf, we both think it’s hilarious. But it’s not romantic enough. He is a funny guy, and it would suit his personality, but it just seems to be too casual for such a question.

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He sounds like a funny jokster type of guy, so If this is the case Im sure his girlfriend is used to his joking playful personality with that being said, If I were him I would wait til there was either friends or family around and have him propose with a ring pop (you know the candy ring that looks real big you wear it on your finger) but put it in a real ring box so when she opens it she’s surprized??!! Than later give her the real thing

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@slopolk, I like that idea. :) I’ll suggest it to him, when Danielle leaves. :)

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put a ring under her pillow…when she finds it say “will you marry me?”

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Oooooor, to play off @slopolk‘s idea, put the real ring in a ring pop box?

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@Mariah, that’s cute. :) But I think Ring Pops come in bags now. Haha.

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I once heard of an Irishman popping the question like this: “How would you like to be buried with my people?” Very romantic!

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ya gotta take the ring pop out of the bag and find a ring box that will fit it

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He did it.
Dressed as prince charming. Brought her a tiara. :)

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Shouldn’t it all depend on the girls personality and what she likes about him?
He should know her by now , what her likes are etc

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