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Do you really think "bad people" will get what's coming to them?

Asked by Hibernate (9063points) September 24th, 2011

There were a few questions in the last days regarding good/bad people. I was thinking about the bad ones. I’m not talking about karma or anything here but I’m just curious about your ideas.

Sometimes justice happens when you least expect it. It’s the way I see things and it’s not always in the newspapers.

How about you?

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No, there are millions of people getting away with shit because they have money and influence all the time. There’s no karma, only coincidences, and people or groups of people that decide to bring them down.

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I think that the truly evil at heart have no idea what’s in store for them. I seriously doubt they will get the last laugh. Perhaps in the short term (as posted above) they win… but in the end…

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Bad people do bad shit. And when you do bad shit the odds are pretty good that someone will eventually fuck you up for doing the bad stuff. It isn’t karma, it is just statistics.

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What, like arse raped in the prison showers? Possibly, nowt to do with that karma shit though, just a combination of bad timing & bad luck. Thems the breaks “bad peeps.”

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I used to think it was karma when I stole another guy’s girl and then she got stolen away from me by another guy exactly the same way. Later on I realized and faced the truth. As a boyfriend, I sucked.

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I am a firm believer in “ultimate justice,” that those who commit henious acts will eventually have to pay for those acts. Just how that will happen is a matter too high for me. I have enough work to do on my own life than to agonize over those things.

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As some kind of karma or natural justice? No. I do agree with @johnpowell that bad people up their odds of having bad things done to them.

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I think so. It may not always appear so, on the surface level, but..most people that do really bad things, lie, cheat, steal, abuse, usually end up alone, dead, in prison or in one way or the other hit the end of the line.

Karma is just another way of saying cause & effect.

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Not really. There are some really smart and powerful people who do bad things, but because of their ability to know how to skirt the law, or how to escape or how to buy their way out of things, they can pretty much do as they please.

Since I don’t believe in God or the devil or karma, I don’t think those things/entities play into it at all.

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Some of them, not all of them. Similarly, some good people will get what they “deserve” and others won’t.

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I have to believe that at some point people get what they deserve or I think I would go completely off the grid. It’s too discouraging to think that there are no consequences for doing bad things, i.e., hurt people. I heard the guy who created Breaking Bad talk about this on NPR last week. He basically felt the same way – just too unbearable to think otherwise.

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I think people like that come to the realization that they’re dicks, and that they are unloved and lonely.

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I agree with the notion that eventually if you are a bad person to enough people, you will be on the receiving end of some sort of retribution. Those who have been on the receiving end of another person’s poor behaviour may never know what form that retribution takes or when it happens.

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Bad people always get what they deserve. Be it coincidence or karma or even self provoked they get it. The thing is everyone experiences good things and bad things in life, and if you feel guilty enough about a bad thing you may even bring something bad on yourself by subconsciously feeling deserving of it. I personally believe there’s karma involved in it.

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I went through the divorce process about 9 years ago.
I had to laugh out loud, EVERY single thing my ex tried to do, either completely failed if not downright backfired. It really was uncanny!

That, and the fact that his next girl friend was named “Karma.”

It’s TRUE!

Made me a believer, and I heard Karma WAS a bitch. lololol

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Yes, I do. A woman rear-ended us on the freeway, She tried to avoid paying be mixing up the name on the insurance card (she deliberately misled us). When the judge refused to throu out the lawsuit on those grounds, her insurance company fought paying until they were successful to rendering us down to a tiny judgment that did not even cover our costs.

Six months later two large trees fell on her house demolishing it. My wish for her was that she had the same homeowner insurance as she had car insurance.

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I wish. Some if not most get off easy with a last meal or a well aimed double tap.

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I have to believe in karma. The idea helps me keep my (sometimes tenuous) grip on sanity. Though the rational side of my brain does call it “cause and effect” as @Coloma said. I need to believe that good people get a reward for their actions, even if it isn’t exactly the reward they expected, and that the wicked manipulative will outlive other’s tolerance for them and they will reap what they’ve sown.

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Ah, there’s those universal laws again. Sowing and reaping does exist and usually we see it played out over a course of a lifetime, not a quick turnaround thing. And this is of course on the plus/minus side both.

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“This question is the result of a superficial judgement, which assumes that the dishonest person is almost totally corrupt, and the honest person almost entirely virtuous. In the light of a deeper knowledge and wider experience, such judgement is found to be erroneous. The dishonest person may have some admirable virtues which the other does not possess; and the honest person obnoxious vices which are absent in the other. The honest person reaps the good results of his honest thoughts and acts; he also brings upon himself the suffering which his vices produce. The dishonest person likewise garners his own suffering and happiness.” (emphasis added) -James Allen, As Man Thinketh

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That is an ultimate truth yes, that nobody is all good or all bad, as always it is a matter of degree, and yes, you shall know them by their fruits. lol

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Precisely! =) Good thoughts, good actions, produce good results. Bad thoughts, bad actions, produce bad results. I firmly believe this law is as undeviating as any scientific law in the natural realm, yet few realize this.

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I think that we all like to think that everyone get’s what’s coming to them, until we feel the need to get away with doing something bad ourselves… Then we find God.

*See Jeffrey Dahmer.

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*Or any of the multitudes of toilet bowls that have heard confessions of “Oh my God if you get me out of this, I will NEVER drink EVER again!

*If there were such a thing as Karma… We would all be dead, dying, or in excrutiating pain on thoughts alone.

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Thanks for replies ^^

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