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What are the chances of a girl getting pregant on the morning after pill?

Asked by jamzzy (885points) May 8th, 2008

i want to know if my little cousins gf will indeed get pregnant she is late but her period is always wierd regardless if they have sex or not. they had unprotected sex on a sunday at 8 ish he used the pulling out method..not smart…and he assures me that no sperm “got in.” she took the MORNING after pill on wed. the pill claims to work for 3 days but what are the chances of it not working

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wow. she needs to go to a clinic. the effectiveness of that type of hormonal abortion drops off. pullout is bs, as there is sperm in precum.

good luck.

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you know way too much about your cousins sex life…....and I find it very disturbing that you know his girlfriends menstrual cycle…....

If they cant figure things out on their own, they probably shouldnt be having sex at all.

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Why did she wait so long to take it?

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if she is sexually active why dont she get on the pill or depo shot? they work good. i like to personally watch my gf take her pill.

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It sounds like these two are headed for disaster. Tell you cousin that “pulling out” does not work. There is sperm in the clear fluid otherwise known as pre-cum, and she can get pregnant from that. I know of a 13 year old girl that got pregnant and has never been penetrated by her boyfriend. he touched himself, and touched her with some of the fluid I mentioned above on his finger, and it impregnated her. Somebody needs to sit these two down and give them “the talk”, and fast.

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My oldest (13 years old) is a ‘condom’ child….......My second is a ‘pull out’ baby (11years old).

My wife is fertile myrtle. So I got a vasectomy.

My youngest is adopted from China.

I am lucky! Before I married my wife I had some less then protected fun.

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here’s an important question what made your cousin gf decided that she needed the pill? Did something happen specifically that didn’t go to plan that made her go to a doctor for the morning after pill? To asnwer your question the pill drops off its effectiveness each day that’s passes so by the third day after sex its effectiveness is down by a bit but its better than waiting.

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BTW my cousin came up to me on wed. because they are only 16 and apperantly you need to be 18 to buy this pill. he told me this whole story that day on our search to a walgreens and than back to her house and than back to walgreens. i basically got the whole story there in the car.

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Who wants to bet, they don’t learn anything from this experience, and she will have a baby before she turns 20….??....

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20? I’d be surprised if she makes it to 18! And that’s only if she isn’t already pregnant.

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If your cousin talked to you on Wed (as in, May 7) and his gf is actually pregnant, it’s likely she was pregnant before this whole ordeal. As a general rule, women ovulate 2 weeks after the first day of their last period (give or take a few days depending on cycle length). Long story short, if she thought she was late merely 3–4 days after this incident then she must have had an “OOPS” prior to this one.

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maybe she wants to get pregnant, god knows she certainly wasn’t trying to avoid it. Have you checked her closet for baby items she has been saving in anticipation?? I saw this on Montel! LOL

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turns out she got her period the wed. after. i talked to my cousin afterwards and apperantly theyre too spoked to try anything else. i think this is a lesson learned

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I’m glad to hear it. I hope they will use more caution in the future.

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