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What is standard tuning on guitar one whole step down called?

Asked by dreamwolf (3152points) September 24th, 2011

What notes do the strings become? Also what is the tuning called when its a step and a half down as well as two steps down. What kind of guitarist usually play these ways?

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It’s called D tuning. The strings are D-G-C-F-A-D. There’s an entire list of different guitar tunings here.

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One step down from standard tuning is D tuning .

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@SavoirFaire @digitalimpression Is a step down from D Tuning, C Tuning?
Furthermore, can I hold the same shapes as standard tuning onto the lower tunings and with those shapes still produce pleasurable chords?

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@dreamwolf Yes: two full steps down from normal tuning, or one full step down from D tuning, would be called C tuning. When using a straightforward alternate tuning like this, your chord shapes will still work. Everything will just be transposed. More elaborate tunings do not come with the same guarantee.

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It is a common practice to tune a 12-string in this manner, theoretically to lessen the total tension on the neck and bridge of the guitar; A capo might be used on the second fret to bring the tuning back up to standard.

If you play a “D” chord, for instance, with the strings tuned down a full step, it would sound as a “C” chord. If you tune down much more than that, it might change the tone of the strings.

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