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What is your favorite camera?

Asked by mccaslin (9points) September 25th, 2011

What camera’s do you enjoy using? Where do you enjoy taking picture?

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I will start this off.
My favorite camera is my 1971 Polaroid Countdown 90. It brings out great instant Picture, fun and easy to use, and I enjoy using it a family parties and the Canyon.
Other than that, I enjoy My Praktiflex FX, my Fish eye 2, and my Holga’s.

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I love my Holga and my 1920’s Folding Hawkeye Scout.

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I liquidated most of my equipment many years ago, but my favorite was my old Rollieflex TLR.

Using it was a very aesthetic experience. It was so overtly mechanical, from the pop-up focussing hood to the crank film advance. The ground glass focussing screen image was a thing of beauty.

It was perfect for shooting candids. You could face 90 degrees away from your subject and just turn the lens to face them. Since you peer down into the top of the camera to focus, the subject rarely noticed that the camera was pointing at them. Also, the little shutter just sounded with a little whisper, which never attracted attention.

Working with the square format was interesting. Squares frame the subject more intimately than rectangles. the eye feels more constrained. I think that’s what made Diane Arbus’ photos doubly disturbing. She pins your attention into that square frame with characters to whom you’d normally give a wide berth.

Lastly, working with those huge negatives in the darkroom was a delight. Loads of rich detail there to be mined.

The downside, obviously, was a lack of flexibility in focal lengths. But that simplicity was oddly freeing, in a way. You just got used to seeing with that one perspective.

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I like the Panasonic Lumix TZ7. It is compact and easy to carry around and takes good video and well as great pictures. It also has a 12X zoom.

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I’m slowly learning to love my Canon 60D. It’s aesthetics are crisp and modern. I have a camera for every feel. My lomo diana for abstract photos, my srt200 for vintage professional, and fuji instax for film and exposures per trip!

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My eyeball!

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I love my Nikon D5000 with a 18–200 lens. I love taking pictures everywhere I travel, especially in the magic hours of dusk and dawn

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Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FH25 is an excellent choice for a compact camera. I love it!

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