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Can you help me fix my digital camera (small shutter problem)?

Asked by RedPowerLady (12576points) May 9th, 2010

I have a digital camera that when you shut it off the shutters close. When you turn it on they open. There are two shutters that form a square. Well for some reason now only one shutter is closing. I can’t even see the second one to pull it down. So this means only half the lens is covered when I shut off my camera.

My digital camera is a:
“Digital Concepts”
Auto Focus Zoom Lens 3x 36–108mm 1:2.8–4.8

I have three questions:
1. What kind of problems may this cause with my camera, having one shutter not close and leaving the lens exposed? And how long till it’s a problem?
2. How can I fix this myself?
3. Who would I call to get it fixed? (or is it a lost cause?)

Thank you!

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1) You are almost certain to get dust on it when not in use, but realistically, the dust isn’t that big a deal. There is a small risk of a scratched lens, but they are generally fairly well recessed, so they are unlikely to get damaged like that.

2) Likely not.

3) The manufacturer might do something about it, but if it’s the “Digital Concepts” company I am thinking of then you are better off getting a real camera. The one I am thinking of is sold for very cheap and you get less than you pay for even then; they are comparable to the prizes in a box of Cracker Jacks.

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@jerv Thank you for your answer. I am low-income so you are right, it is a cheapy camera. Thank goodness I have it though because we just had a new baby and I have been able to take over 1,000 pics of her in the three months she’s been alive :)

If you have low-cost camera recommendations I would be happy to hear them. I know with a camera it really is you get what you pay for. However, I simply mean the best of the low-cost. Thanx!

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Sorry to hear your camera has a problem. I had a Minolta camera ( and still have it ) which was not a cheapo and it had a similar problem.
Unfortunately, it was the same price as a new camera to get it repaired, but Im reluctant to throw it away !!
Best of luck in your search for a camera for yourself ( i live in England ).

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@RedPowerLady I only paid $80 for my 8.1MP Samsung. Sure, it’s about 2–3 times as much as a “cheapy”, but it’s more than twice as good (translation:the pics aren’t blurry and green like the last cheapy I had, and I have the resolution to make a print larger than wallet-sized without looking like old Atari graphics) and lasts at least twice as long (my Samsung is >2 years old; my last cheapy lasted less than a month), so it really is a bargain.

That said, I can’t see spending over $100 for a camera unless you are serious about photography.

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@jerv Does your 80$ take motion pics?
Mine is actually great. The pics are a good size, not green, has lasted a long time, stores a huge amount. But they do turn out blurry with the slightest bit of motion. Ugh~

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@RedPowerLady Yes, it can, and with sound.
Now, define “good size”; can you make a good-looking 16×20” poster print with no sign of pixelation?
Storage is moot when you have a removable card like most cameras do. The 4GB card I have in there can store over 1000 at the highest resolution, though I turned the quality down to “fine” and the resolution to 5MP (enough for a great 8×10”, but no more) so I actually get closer to 2900.
Though I rarely use it, my S860 does have digital image stabilization. The reason I rarely use it is that the low-light capabilities are pretty good so most pictures are taken with too quick a shutter speed to really blur. Hell, I usually don’t even use the flash except for outside shots at night!

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@jerv I have no idea b/c I’ve never tried, in regards to size.
Thank you for all the information :)

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