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Is it normal to be scared ?

Asked by Square93 (44points) September 26th, 2011 from iPhone

I’m so scared of thunderstorms. When ever we have a server thunderstorm me and my husband cuddle together and I feel safe with him. Is it normal to be scared of them ?

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Of the actual storm? A little.
It is perfectly normal to worry about the effects of such a thing. Tornado sirens always put me on edge. :D

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I would think there is nothing wrong with being scared…
This person is much more detailed than I could ever be

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Who cares if it’s normal. The question is whether you mind being that way. If you want to change, you can. If not, no big deal. Don’t worry what others are like. You have a husband to cuddle with. What more could you want?

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Not always normal, not always wise… But that however never stops people from either at the most inopportune moments.

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It depends on the degree of fear and what it does to you.

I once knew a woman from California who feared “wind”. Where she was from in Southern California wind mean Santa Ana winds, which signaled fire season there. So, she didn’t like wind, she was somewhat afraid of simple “windy days” that we get frequently in New England – but that never stopped her from doing whatever she had to do.

If your fear incapacitates you and restricts important life activities – or even causes sleepless nights – then it’s something you might want to address to make the fear less debilitating. On the other hand, no one in his right mind has a picnic in a thunderstorm, so curtailing that as a “life activity” at that time only makes good sense.

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It is obviously normal for you. I don’t find storms scary as a rule so it isn’t the norm for me. I have experienced some that have certainly made me worried though. As long as you are not paralysed with fear and can continue to function, does your fear matter to anyone else? If you and your husband are making the most of a bit of thunder and lightening to cuddle up together, and he is happy being there with you, sounds all good to me.

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