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Who came up with the refrigerator magnet?

Asked by Nullo (21916points) September 26th, 2011

They’re practically ubiquitous in the States, and I suspect that they’re not uncommon in other places that have refrigerators. Is there a specific someone who thought, “Hey, I could stick a bit of magnet on this little thing here and hold notes on a major appliance with it!”

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According to Wikipedia:
The first refrigerator magnet patent was obtained by William Zimmerman of St. Louis, Missouri, in the early 1970s.[citation needed] Zimmerman patented the idea of small, colored, cartoon magnets to be used for decorative display and convenience.

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thanks Mr. Zimmerman- you hold up all my important papers on the fridge!

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Thanks to Mr. Zimmerman I have a lovely memory of a magnet from childhood that read:


Bathe with a friend

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William Zimmerman of St. Louis, Missouri

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