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Anyone else pregnant and can't stand anybody?

Asked by tan235 (877points) September 26th, 2011

sorry I know this is a horrible statement, but I need to vent or I’ll go crazy.
I’m 14 weeks pregnant and everyone drives me insane, I can’t seem to stop crying and I know how important it is to maintain a balanced equilibrium for your baby. Everyone just annoys me so much. My partner is amazing and so wonderful but he’s in the music industry and out all the time, and I just feel to gross/ill to be going out which means I get jealous, which is so silly but I can’t help it, then everyone I feel is tip toeing around me which makes me so mad and then well I turn into this grumpy, depressed half woman…. which I don’t like but I find it really hard to turn her around back to being the lovely normal self that she is.
Does anyone else have this!
Sorry not sure if Fluther is right for vent its more for questions, so please tell me your stories to make me feel less insane, more sane.

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Our experiences, whatever they are, are not going to affect your feelings. If you are weepy and
depressed, it is a problem to take up with your OB/gyn or his nurse.

We have suggested that you use them as your primary resource; they will help you cope.

And I would stop using really loaded adjectives such as “insane” and “sane,” “half-woman,” and “normal.”

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Feel free to vent. We all need to bitch once in awhile. And I’m male so I have no clue how it feels to have the hormonal fluctuations and the morning sickness and all the other stuff going on.

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I“m confused @gailcalled, your experiences will definitely help me!! As humans we love to know others feel the same way as us, to have someone come on here and go ‘oh boy let me tell you something!’ will definitely put a smile on my face and make me feel less ’ crazy ’ sorry I know you’re quite right about the use of such words and I take that to heart thank you… and thanks @Adirondackwannabe I need to vent today.

Also my obyn wont help me cope at all, being around people of understanding and friends will help me cope my obyn will just tell me its my hormones and do I want to take something for it – I’ve already asked her.

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Sorry. You have a good point. I just wish that you were having some moments of pleasure or joy with this pregnancy.You seem to be miserable, or, at least, that is what you share with us.

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My hormones were all over the place during both of my pregnancies. The only thing that really helped me was giving myself a time out so to speak. When I felt myself getting overly emotional (for any reason), I would go sit quietly somewhere alone until I felt myself calm down. Luckily for me, my overly emotional stuff also went with the good things. When I was happy, I was really happy which was awesome. :) I hope you feel better soon.

Sometimes, I think we just have to accept what we are going through. In regards to feeling too gross/ill to go out, have you ever just tried to go out and have a good time? You might be surprised by how quickly you forget about feeling gross/ill if you are out having a good time.

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@tan235 I’ve read theories that morning sickness is caused by food allergies and the pregnancy has made you more sensitive to certain foods. Maybe try keeping a food diary to see if anything is bothering you?

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yeah i know you’re right it’s the nature of me to share when I’m sad… and just be happy when I’m happy and not tell anyone, like newspapers, never share the good news only the bad… I am having very joyous moments – and I guess I want more hence why I’m venting as I feel as though I can’t control this wild rage woman right now – man she’s insatiable!

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That’s actually pretty typical of pregnancy. We get more emotional and more easily annoyed with people. Lay down in the floor, kick your feet (like a kid having a tantrum), pull your own hair and scream. You’ll feel better. =0)

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ha ha @WillWorkForChocolate I did that today and felt ridiculous!

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@tan235 Hey if it makes you laugh for a few it’s got to be worth something.

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I took control over what I could while I was pregnant. I made my hair look nice, bought fresh, fun new make-up, and loaded up on comfy maternity clothes for when I wasn’t feeling good…which was most of the time.

I wore bright colored tops as often as I could to help cheer my mood. I stayed away from other ladies as much as possible, as their perfume made me want to hurl. I exercised daily, ate well, and took naps when I could.

If you’re having a bad moment and you’re at work…take a break and walk around the block. If you’re having a bad time of it and your at home…do some good exercises, stretch, then put on a funny TV show or your favorite movie.

I looked at my calendar and counted down the days to delivery. I was thrilled when “D-day” finally arrived. It all goes so fast @tan235. Enjoy the moments of it that you can.

Soon enough you’ll be looking back and wondering what you did with the volumes of time you had on your hands pre-baby.

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true you’re right @SpatzieLover, I should go out for a walk and do some yoga, I“m going to go put on some lipstick right now. May I encounter no one on my way to the bathroom :)

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@tan235 :) You go girl!

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My daughter just had her 4th baby. She and I have been best friends sincve the day she was born. During the birth process for some reason I always disgust her. I can say nothing right. It got worse and worse with each pregnancy. This time it started before she even went into labor. She didn’t talk to me for a month and I didn’t get to see the baby until she was a week old. Hormones are crazy things. Maybe take up yoga to get a little more zen.

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LOL, no but your q made me smile.

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1 outta 2 ain’t bad… *I had my tubes tied in Boy scout knots and incinerated like 10 years ago.

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