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What is the average libido like for a young woman in her early 20's?

Asked by nayeight (3347points) September 24th, 2008 from iPhone

I’ve noticed a large increase in my libido lately (over the past two or three years). I feel like my body feels different, like it’s ready for babies or something. Is this normal for someone at the tender age of 21? Is it my hormones? Is my biological clock already ticking? I thought that didn’t happen until your thirties…

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i think it’s different for everyone. you’re just horny. enjoy it.

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I found that my libido increased a huge amount once I came to college a year ago. I think it’s because of the freedom, honestly. It sounds like it increased for you around the same time. As deaddolly put it, enjoy it. It makes things a helluva lot more fun… ;)

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take advantage of it!
but i know how you feel.. i never wanted kids, now i find myself smiling at the ones on the bus, and the thought of having my own is just delightful… but thats not necessary right now
just satisfy your hunger sweeety! and enjoy!

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Do you want sex or babies? They two are related but totally different.

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