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If you were reincarnated and told you could come back as anything except human, what would you want to be?

Asked by Meego (4692points) September 27th, 2011 from iPhone

For example I was thinking maybe a pet of some sort then I decided I personally would not want to be a pet because not all pets gets treated the way they should, and I wouldn’t want to worry or want to be depressed so if I had to choose I decided I would choose this…The White Fir

The National Christmas Tree Association says that “Needles are usually ½ to 1½ inch long, pointed or notched at the tip, bluish-green when young turning dull green with age…. As a Christmas tree, not only does it have all the qualities I prefer like a pleasing natural shape and aroma, and good needle retention. But it also gets to enjoy Christmas and bring joy to a family. I would only hope that after I’m tossed they make something useful out of me :/

So I just want to know what you would want to be and why?

Disclaimer Of course this is just for fun I don’t actually believe this will happen

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A cute dog or cat, so I could live the good life with humans.

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Hmm, probably an owl. I find them very beautiful. And it would be nice to be able to fly and be free.

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A diamond. Because diamond’s are forever.

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A cat. Therefore I can be lazy and sleep most of the time while playing with toy the rest of the time.

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Some creature that flies but one that it is illegal for humans to shoot.

I’m thinking some raptor.

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My wife’s dog, and I’ve told her so. (She’ll know it’s me because I intend to seek her out, plop myself down on the front porch and proceed to lick myself until she lets me in.)

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:)) grinning. Love the answers.

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@Meego and I love your question! :)

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A completely conscious tree, blessed with contentment and a really long attention span and magical powers. I will grow apples, that upon being eaten, they retrieve the dignity of the decendents of Eve and cause men who consume these fruits, erectile disfunction whilst in the presence of beautiful women.

I shall be called… The Daruma Tree! I would like to be planted in a temperate non-tropical climate, by a reliable source of water, no erosion season… prefereably Northern Hemisphere, where there are no dogs, no woodpeckers, and NO Termites!

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Pet to a dog lover who happens to be extremely rich and just loves spending time with me and giving me human cooked food (but done by a pet dietitian) . Not dog food and sends me to a doggy spa, gets me regularly checked out and makes sure I never get fleas or ticks but refuses to put that horrible poison on my back and keeps me clean.
Or maybe, just not be reincarnated, because I don’t believe things are going to get any better.

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A fat housecat.

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A sentient red dwarf star. I’d love to travel the universe, and with a lifespan of about 14 trillion years, I’d get to see a lot of it!

Hopefully my wife would share my fate, so that I wouldn’t get lonely.

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I’d want to be a pampered cat, who is well loved and stroked late at night when my human turns the lights off. I’d want to be the sort of adored cat who loves sunny spots on the carpet, chases flies, and knows when my human is sad so I can snuggle up and try to comfort her.

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@Brian1946 For you and your lovely wife fellow Flutherer… Enjoy!

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@rebbel and a good cloud you would be too! You could rain on my tree… *Smiles

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@GabrielsLamb My pleasure.:-)

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I think Id like to be a virus this way I can just clone myself a zillion times and Id never die…. I imagine the world of a virus to be much like that depicted in osmosis jones

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A summer breeze.

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A butterfly. I’d visit my loved ones here for a bit, then go back to where I belong. ;)

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A pet belonging to someone like me. lol
A happy, pampered, spoiled life I’d lead. Indeed! :-D

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@Coloma Darn, I thought you were going to say a goose. I don’t know you as well as I thought. Lol.

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Well, goose or cat..all part of the pampered pet scene. :-)

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A lush, verdant planet.

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An otter. All they do all day is muck about in the water having a good time, and eating fish. I can live with that.

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@downtide Yeah, but don’t they get eaten by sharks? I’m too chicken to live on that wild side, which is why I picked a house-pet, lol.

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I was thinking of otters in the UK mainly, and we don’t have sharks here. In any case European otters live mainly in rivers not the sea. British otters have no natural predators and being a protected and endangered species, they’re not hunted by people either. The main threats are pollution and habitat destruction, but things are improving for them now.

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Ahhh, I see! You learn something new every day, huh? =0)

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Fruit bat.

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@AmWiser just have yourself made into a dimond after you do…. I saw something on one of these threads that they can take your creamated ashes and turn you into a diamond I am thinking of having that done in my will… should be an interesting thing

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GA @creative1 I forgot that this can be done!

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Todays dinner menu includes, gently torn Romaine and red leaf lettuce floating salad bar, with ‘ancient grains’ bread, accompanied with a fine cracked corn and flax seed entree.
Being served now at the Goose-astoria. Please enjoy your poolside service while you relax under the matching umbrellas in the shade.
Take a stroll and after dinner swim at our 3rd pool on the expansive lawn and then retire in style to your roomy 2 stall barn with the evening breeze wafting through the windows and settle down in a foot of freshly fluffed pine shavings. LOL

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A Japanese Maple. They are relatively expensive, so I know whoever buys me will take good care of me and, since I would be a decorative tree, I would be planted somewhere with a good view to live out my long life. Plus, I would be gorgeous!

Edit: My first thought was a cat, but I had the same reservations as the OP about how some people are unkind to animals. Still, I want to be a cat just to find out what they know. I know they know something. Something good and important.

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A tiger, elephant, or dolphin. (These are my favorite animals)

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I’d want to be something like a condor. I could fly around and be all epic, all day long.

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