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Do you have a favourite flower?

Asked by NaturallyMe (4922points) October 4th, 2010

Wanna tell me which one, and maybe post a pic too? :)

Inspired by the beautiful flowers in my garden. :D They’re (mostly) all so pretty that i can’t choose a single favourite one, but i’ve liked dahlias for a long time, you get some really amazing ones (although i’ve never had one in my garden, and not sure i’ve seen one in real life either!).

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White daises will always be my favorite :) Simple is beautiful.

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It’s so hard to pick…
I love the smell of jasmine,honeysuckle and roses.I love the way lilies,roses,gladioli,iris,tulips,daffodils,hyacinths and sunflowers look.I think I love them all :)

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@lucillelucillelucille i love jasmines and honeysuckles! Their fragrance is just irresistible. :D Also those little honey scented ones you get, not sure now what you call them.
@Brian1946 oooh, those are pretty. Blue flowers are just…..different from all the other colours. :)

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@NaturallyMe -I grow honeysuckle.It will take over if you don’t keep it in check.I’d like to get a jasmine houseplant.I just have to find a spot where the cats won’t get it.Have you tried growing orchids?I love those too! I am not sure which ones are the honey scented flowers.

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Thanks. :-)

Now if only there was a flower to match the butterfly in your avatar.

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I like lilacs. They smell so good in the spring.

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I love lavendar. I wish I could post the scent.

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@lucillelucillelucille I’ve just planted some yellow jasmines outside, but they’re not AS fragrant as the white ones, which i’ll buy some of soon! It’s lovely when their scent comes into the room through an open window on a spring day. :D
I’ve never grown orchids – my sister gave me one as a gift a couple months ago, which i’ve put indoor, and after 3 months or so the flowers are finally (but sadly) disappearing. Now i’m just going to be stuck with a flowerless twig and some leaves! Haha.
Here are the honey flowers i mentioned: sweet alyssum , they smell exactly like honey, they’re delicious. :D

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@marinelife oh yes! They’re one of my favourites as well, those exact ones, they are beautiful.

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Orchids My favoritest flower in the whole world

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@Aesthetic_Mess i have the white ones in my home at the moment, although it’s flowers are now fading. sniff

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@NaturallyMe Sounds like lack of humidity for the orchids.

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@NaturallyMe I wish I had some. I don’t have a green thumb though, so I bet they would die. They’re so delicate., I love them

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@Adirondackwannabe really? I did water them once a week and they were beautiful for about 3 months. I thought it’s just their time to go. ?
@Aesthetic_Mess i have no green thumb either! :( Sad really.

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@NaturallyMe -I grow Alyssum! They do have that scent!

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@lucillelucillelucille oh! yay! Hehe. I adore them. :)

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@NaturallyMe The air in most houses gets too dry for some plants. They need more humidity, especially during the fall and winter. Not extra water in the soil, but set them on a tray of pebbles with water, so the plants not in water but gets extra evaporation.

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@Adirondackwannabe oh. :/ I don’ know anything about orchids. (do they flower all year round or what?) But thanx, i’ll try the pebbles.

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@NaturallyMe Almost all plants need a dormant season, so it’s best to not force them to flower year round. Just cut back on the water when the plant seems to be slowing down. It will tell you what it wants if you watch carefully. It’s usually in the winter with the short days that it will take a break, but the rest of the year you’ll get flowers all the time with the right care and environment.

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I have a rose bush in front of my house that twice a year puts out the most beautiful yellow rose I have ever seen. Got one as we speak and I just love it!

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@Adirondackwannabe thanx. :)
@Cruiser we have a few rose bushes in our front garden as well and they’ve just begun to flower now. :) But i wouldn’t say they’re the most beautiful roses i’ve ever seen, they’re just plain colours (the bi-coloured ones are my favourite), but they smell divine at least! :D

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Yellow rose

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I have a few, and they’re all so different I couldn’t possibly choose between them:

Tiger lillies
Cherry blossoms
Orange blossoms
Gardenias (the scent! oh!)
and Sunflowers

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Yes…my middle name
So colorful and cute.

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Tulips – especially the red ones. Although I’m partial to carnations and tiger lilies as well.

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I love hydrangeas because they are just big old gigantic beautiful flowers! I also really like lantana because they are like mini bouquets. when I was a kid, whenever our Barbie dolls got married they always had lantana bouquets.

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@SuperMouse hydrangeas are pretty yes. I have a couple of them in my garden. Too bad they die off in winter though. :/ Hehe about the Barbies, that’s cute. :)

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Lilies are my favorite. I don’t have a favorite lily though, I really like all of them.

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Peach or yellow roses. Works of Nature’s art.

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Cauliflower! Yum.

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I love roses.

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@downtide with cheese sauce.

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Well, it was wisteria, until my English teacher informed me that when the wisteria started blooming it was time to start studying for exams. Haven’t chosen a replacement yet, though I am awfully fond of poppies.

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I love orchids.

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I love Morning Glories.

I’m a vine-aholic! lol

I just collected seeds from this year and enjoy seeing the hybrid colors that I get every year from my own seeds.

Morning Glories are also symbolic to me for their resiliency, tenacity and unfoldings.

I have a small vine with 3 purple morning glories tatooed around my ankle.

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<<< ===:Note my avatar; peonies and a rose (all aromatic so I get both a visual and aromatic reward). Plus, the container belonged to my maternal grandmother.

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Without a doubt, Passion Flowers. They just come in so many amazingly beautiful varieties

Here are some of the plant I have in my yard. Though I really want to get my hands on one of these plants

its a shame the fruit doesnt grow in my climate. :(

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lily of the valley… :-/

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I know it’s cliche, but there really is something special about roses. There’s a reason why they’re a symbol of love in so many places. Plus, their scent is amazing.

My other favorites would be dahlias and camellias.

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Plain white daisies.

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I love sunflowers… especially the way Van Gough painted them.

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Only of the moment and ‘the moment’ as of now is…....Lavender.

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Lilly of the Valley and Bird of Paradise among many others…nature is so beautiful!

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Me wrong about U. Should have spelled it Van Gogh!!!

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@uberbatman wow, i don’t think i’ve ever see anything like it! They’re amazing! :D
@Scooby & @SmoothEmeraldOasis Lilly of the Valleys are so cute! (i had to google ‘em). I’ve never seen them. I have something similar in my garden, except they’re more bell shaped and don’t make so many flowers per plant.

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@NaturallyMe , yes they are very beautiful and thanks I also love to watch landscapes and nature in its own care. With out man interrupting or stunting it natural flow or growth.

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For smell, my favorites are narcissus, jasmine, honeysuckle, and carnations.

For looks, sunflowers are by far my favorite.

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It is so difficult to choose one. I love forget me nots.

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I don’t think I can pick just one so I’ll give you my top 3:

Any kind of hibiscus (they come in all sorts of stunning colors):

Gerbera daisies (especially the pink ones):

And Icelandic poppies:

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Orchids, but they’re followed closely by orange blossoms, cherry blossoms, morning glories, lotus flowers, and plumeria.

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Blue Heron Tulip, mums (any color – they all make me happy), Bird of Paradise, and Sunflowers.

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@SmoothEmeraldOasis few things are better than untouched nature, huh? :)
@Kardamom those are all very pretty!
@YARNLADY those are stunning when in full bloom. Someone that i drive past sometimes has 3 different shades of pink ones all growing next to each other, and it looks beautiful!
@prolificus wow, i’ve never seen a blue heron tulip before, it’s beautiful! :)

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I don’t have a favorite flower. At my first home I had a flower borders around the whole perimeter of the property and larges cascading boxes at the street. I had trumpet vine, hydrangeas, peonies the size of your head, coneflowers, hostas, monarda, daisies, mountain bluet, black eyed susans and about a dozen other perennials. Every spring I also planted about 10 flats of annuals. I also love flowering shrubs.
I currently live in a rental…I bought a bunch of coneflowers and black eyed susans as well as lilies with me when I moved here.
I need to own again. I need a garden again!

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