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In the Turkish language, is it standard to say "bayan" before a female name even in informational contexts?

Asked by marmoset (1100points) September 29th, 2011

For example, let’s say there is a short biography of Jane Doe in Turkish. Would this biography call her “Bayan Jane Doe” when it mentions her name? Or would it just call her “Jane Doe”?

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Jane Hanim pronounced “Ha-num”, if you know the first name, Bayan has a very limited use – from what I can gather it means “female” and can also be used as Miss, Ms or Mrs on a letter, it’s not considered all that polite otherwise. The correct word would be Sayin – don’t know the pronounciation for that one, sorry. With a young girl, say… a child under fourteen then just her name would do.
For a biography I think you would just ask for a biography of “insert name here” without any addons, but I’m not a hundred percent on that one – hope thos was of some use.

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