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Do you feel guilty after spending a lot of time on the internet, as if you have been wasting time?

Asked by jca (36043points) July 9th, 2010

After spending a night on Fluther, Facebook and other sites, i feel as if i have been wasting time. I enjoy it, and i use the internet in part to communicate with other people, but i feel as if most of my time on it is not productive. I feel as if i should have been catching up on reading or something, instead.

Do others feel the same way?

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I have to take breaks. In a lot of ways it is wasting time. In other ways, I benefit from what I learn on here….so it balances out, I s’pose.

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No, my fluthering is intellectually stimulating and at times helpful to others. It is a substitute for the work I used to be able to do.

I use Facebook now mostly to keep apprised of what friends and relatives are doing.

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Depends on what I’ve been doing. Research, social op/ed and sometimes Fluther doesn’t make me feel like I’m wasting time. Looking at funny pictures, watching videos and sometimes Fluther does make me feel I’ve wasted a bit of something.


Yes, I feel like that too sometimes, especially on the weekends, when I should be spending my free time “out there” doing something else fun and constructive rather than sitting in front of my computer playing. I now try to curb my time spent on the Internet on the weekends, but it’s just so darn addictive. Lol.

Before the computer, I used to think I wasted a lot of time watching television, and I used to shut off the t.v. and tell myself “See, that’s all you’re doing——just sitting in front of a big box doing nothing!”

It’s almost the same with the computer, but remember, it’s not altogether unproductive. You “are” doing something with your mind while you’re on the computer, and it’s fun at the same time. You also hone your technical skills, your communicative (written) skills, and your mental skills. And you do meet others doing the same thing. But of course there are many other things “out there” that you could be doing too. Sigh!

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I don’t feel guilty, but I’m usually doing other things while I’m online. I’m finishing up my BSN in an online program, so I do a lot of work online. I’ll check Fluther and Facebook in between doing other things (like writing papers, reading research articles, and so on).

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I don’t consider it wasted time. I’m helping others and learning new things. My work doesn’t suffer by it.

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I do. I just started using the internet two years ago. late bloomer ;)

I’m much less active than I used to be. I blame Fluther.

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On the contrary.

I feel my time on the internet is what my parents might have thought “reading books” was – i.e. good for you and your mind. Or like spending time in the Library.

If anything, I think my online time (“research”) has completely ruined my ability to read books, as I get bored and crave more condensed and interactive ideas.

Quality literature is superior. I just find many of my books now to be somehow of a lesser quality.

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My online life is pretty balanced.

I am self employed in the design biz. so may have 3 jobs in 3 weeks and then nothing for a month again.

I have enjoyed my fluther discovery a few months ago, as it does provide intellectual stimulation when I am on downtime.

I never allow the internet to interfere with my obligations or daily duties, it’s a nice place to visit but I wouldn’t want to live here. haha

My life schedule is either in hyper drive mode or sitting on the porch staring at the sky, not much in between. lol

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I do what I feel like doing. The hell with guilt.

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I learn many things through internet and I don’t see that as unproductive just because the source is virtual. There are,however,many useful thing you could do outside internet. It really depends on how you spare and spend some time for both world. Sometime I feel sick of internet if I’m not feel so well or if find some less interesting aspect in some particular site.

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Only slightly. I have nothing else to do.

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Yes. I’m with @gemiwing .

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No, it’s my time to waste.

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