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How to measure security door?

Asked by alexhall (6points) September 29th, 2011

I just want to implement some security doors at my factory. So are there any criteria to measure security door installations?

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Call the company you want to buy from and ask them. It varies widely by type of door and level of security. If you do put in security doors, don’t forget to reinforce the walls. A steel door is useless if a crook can cut his way in through the drywall with a boxknife.

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This would have been an easy question to answer had they been residential doors.
Are you just looking for a security door to go over your current doors? Are you looking for one of those steel doors that are accordion style and you pull in front if the entire storefront?
What is the size of the existing door? Is it double doors?
We really need more information to answer your question correctly.

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