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Iphone 4 VS. Sprint HTC Evo 4?

Asked by steve22 (55points) July 21st, 2010

I’m thinking of buying a new phone, and signing up a new two-years contract. I need two fully detailed-comparisons between iphone 4 and HTC Evo 4 in terms of the plans and what each plan includes and their monthly charges. What are the pro’s and the con’s of both devices?
I know that, at the moment, only Sprint provides 4G internet, while AT&T doesn’t. Is it worth switching to Sprint just for this feature, How wide is their 4G coverage in the states? esp. in St. Louis, MO?
Please don’t forget to include those (***) in-between-the-lines limitations that each provider has.

Many thanks.

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4g is a moot point at the moment, unless you’re lucky enough to live in one of the few dozen cities worldwide where Sprint currently offers 4g service (not likely). Otherwise the EVO will revert to regular 3g usage. However they are adding more 4g areas, and inside of a year or two your phone will likely be in a 4g area, the catch obviously being by that time you’ll probably be upgrading again. That having been said, 3g will more than likely fulfill your needs.

Sprint network is WAY better than the AT+T network. Not even a competition. I have heard horror stories from many AT+T users how they don’t have any service in their house or apt…. in rural backwater cities like…. New York City.

The Sprint monthly plan for internet service is flat one rate (10 dollars additional to your regular phone plan), as opposed to the by the megabyte or whatever system AT+T uses.

EVO has 8mp cameras on front and back as opposed to the 5mp cameras on the iphone 4.

EVO has the droid market of apps, which as long as you’re willing to put in the 20 minutes research time on the net to find the good apps names, is as good if not better than the iphone apps. They even have some apps that iphones don’t have, like the metal detector (which does work, but isn’t that great), or most notably swype (which will makes texting/typing on your phone way easier).

The OS on either phone is a wash. Completely personal preference.

The iphone currently has the problem with reception if you hold it in your left hand. Apple is offering free cases to remedy the problem, and will likely fix it in all the future iphone 4’s they make. But for the time being definitely something to keep in mind.

Up front price is really a wash. They’re about the same once you sign the 2 year contract.

EVO has FM radio tuner, if you want that type of thing.

iPhone battery is supposed to last longer, but both phones batteries will make it through a whole day of regular use without dying.

Honestly though. Do you really need a brand spanking new phone? What are you going to be doing with it that you need all that stuff? I wanted an EVO, and when I went in the sales guy talked me down to the HTC Hero (has the same strength camera as the iphone 4 even), which does everything I want and only cost 50 dollars (after rebate). Plus its been around for a while so all the problems had been worked out.

Other state of the art phones to consider are the Incredible and the X (which may not be out yet). The incredible is comparable to both the EVO and the iphone 4, the X will be the best of all 4.

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This will give you all the information you need to know…

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lol, I forgot about that video…. “It will grant you 3 wishes, even if one of the wishes is for an iPhone”

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@tedd yeah I was behind the curve on that video, so I’m still showing it to people.

” prints money…”

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Don’t go for the evo. It really is not worth it. The battery life is horrible, so you won’t even be able to use all the features all the time. 4G is not available everywhere at the moment, and even if you are in a place that does have it, it would cut your battery life down a to a thurd of the battery under 3g settings. The wifi hotspot feature can only be used for an hour or 2 before it dies, and this technology will probably be developed more in the future, and will soon be available on a lot more devices. This should happen before your 2 year contract is up.

I have no idea why the evo has been getting a lot of press lately. It doesn’t make sense.

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@Mtl_zack Because its >>> than the iphone 4.. lol

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@tedd I admit that the iPhone 4 isn’t amazing, but the purpose of the evo is just to test 4g and wifi hotspots. Early adopters are basically beta testers for something that will be widespread in 1 or 2 years.

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Alright, just a few things to keep in mind that I would like to add.

I would definitely recommend the iPhone 4 for the vast majority of people looking for a smart-phone with little info on their interests since the OS is extremely user friendly and very very snappy. This is enjoyed by many people- but, the iPhone isn’t for everyone, especially those looking to customize their phones, or those who want freedom from Apple’s “walled garden.”

Keep in mind that the EVO’s battery is “terrible” as described by many tech reviewers such as Chris Pirillo, and the 4G feature will kill the battery which will probably make you end up turning it off which really defeats the purpose.

Although the iPhone 4’s camera is only 5MP compared to the EVO’s 8MP camera you must realize Mega Pixels (MPs) don’t determine picture quality. It just tells you how big your pictures will be. There are several people who say the iPhone’s camera is actually better than the EVO’s despite it’s 8 MP camera. (You can see many iPhone test pictures on Flickr) Quality is not something you can compare on paper.

As for the iPhone’s reception “problem” just keep an eye on performance in other countries. Here in Canada I know some people who travel across the border to the US and bring back some iPhone 4’s and I can tell you there is absolutely no reception problem here which kind of makes me think it that AT&T’s network has a lot to do with the iPhone’s dropped calls. Remember when the (can’t remember if it’s 3G or 3GS) came out everyone complained about dropped calls and blaimed the iPhone? It was later confirmed in Sweden that there was nothing wrong with the phone but AT&T’s network. Keep that in mind.

Also, after reading several posts on the web by John Gruber I think that the way we compare the 3GS and iPhone 4 by dropped calls might not be the best way to compare reception. It has been reported by many that the iPhone 4 works in many places that the 3GS did not. So the iPhone actually drops calls in what was previously thought of as dead zones. That’s not a step back, that’s an improvement. And while it ma seem silly to say that more dropped calls on the new iPhone is actually better, it’s worth thinking about.

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And I also forgot to mention, if you’re looking for an Android device buy the Samsung Galaxy which has gotten some pretty good reviews. The battery life is much better than the EVO’s and the screen is very responsive. Just thought it’d help.

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Update: Australia’s Telstra awards iPhone 4 Blue Tick for superior reception. And here iPhone Reception Outside of US. Some more proof the problem is mostly in the US and has lots to do with AT&T’s network.

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I own an Evo and I love it.

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