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What is your favorite smell that reminds you of something?

Asked by buster (10239points) May 9th, 2008

My favorite smell is sawdust. My dad is a carpenter and when i was little i remember allways running to him and and giving him a big hug when he walked in the door. He always smelled of sawdust.

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there is no smell that is the equivalent of camp. when im at camp, and i smell, it brings back all the good memories. my camp director always associates things with smell, so he tries to limit the pollution at camp so it wont smell bad.

smell is a key part in remembering things, for me at least.

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Those fruit scented markers. The light blue colour especially. Reminds me of my first years in school.

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The smell of baking homemade bread.
It takes me back to visiting Grandma.

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The scent of fresh saltwater, suntan lotion, & hot, white sand that hits me the moment I set foot on the beach takes me back to all the summers I spent living on the gulf coast. Brings a sense of happiness & security that I can’t compare to anything else….

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my exgirlfriends perfume. The soap at my work smells like it. When I wash my hands, I can’t get her out of my head. I miss her.

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Jasmine – reminds me of holiday in Tunisia and is just one of my favorite scents.
Coconut – reminds me of Pina Colada, which reminds me of sun lotion – which you use on holiday (including wedding/honeymoon)
Moschino Cheap’n’Chic perfume – just holds good memories

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fresh cut grass, for whatever reason, it brings me back to summertimes when kids were allowed to roam( or bike) wherever you wanted. No playdates, no fenced in parks, just freedom.

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Tomato leaves.

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Magnolia flowers. That smell always reminds me of my grandmother’s house. She had a huge Magnolia tree in her front yard that my sisters and cousins and I used to always climb when we were kids.

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I love the smell of cow shit because it reminds me of home (Yes, I am from Wisconsin).

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I love the smell of wood fires (camping? Just general coziness?) and of just-blown-out candles (birthday parties as a kid?)

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Mothballs. reminds me of my cranky republican grandmother. (we had the most hilarious conversations)

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Leather, feed, and bailing twine is the smell of my favorite store back home, Blustem.

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I love the smell that emanates from a pencil sharpener, and the smell of cork.

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