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Tall Vs Small.

Asked by BadMotherFluther (186points) May 9th, 2008

What would be your ideal height? Or are you happy the height you are?

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I like big things that come in little packages

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I’m 5’0”. Never mind the sheer mechanical issues (having to drive with my seat all of the way up so that I can fully depress the clutch, buying pants in a special category “short-petite”, not having the reach that my climbing partner has because of her scant few inches taller), people make assumptions about my personality and capablities based on my height.

I get to turn the tables, though, when I work event security for concerts and games. Those who think that they can intimidate me or push me around because they’re bigger get a surprise.

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I am 5’ 7” (female) and like it – except in steerage coach on a plane. Being high-waisted and thus long legged, I find my knees pressed under my chin. If I stretch, I band the seat in front of me and annoy whoever is sitting there.

And removing me from that seat after a long flight requires a derrick, practically.

I get mashed also in the back seats of some SUVs or smaller cars.

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I’m 5’7 as well. I like my height, although I would have NO complaints being 5’9 or 5’10.

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I’m 168cm and don’t mind wearing heels….I’m glad I’m not shorter as wearing flats would be less than ideal then.

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5’9” i dont have any complaints. Im still not done growing yet and evidently around 19–20 most people in my family had a growth spurt, I really dont want to go over like 6’ it seems like everyday tasks can just be annoying if your really tall.

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oh wow gail! I was going to say EXACTLY the same thing, except use the term “eat my knees”. It’s even more fun when the person ahead of you puts the seat ALL the way back. I recently had a parent put the child’s seat all the way back…and the kid was out of the seat more than in, even when the seat belt sign was on! They totally ignored the flight attendant as well.

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5’1” I wish I were taller. Nate is 6’4” and the logistics of it make sex interesting.

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I really enjoyed being 6’-2”. It allowed an unobstructed view, for the most part. Having been there, 4’-whatever” is quite frustrating (I’ve never measured my height in my wheelchair).

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I’m 6’ and wear the most popular size for mens shoes. Life is good. I just need to gain about 25 pounds.

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5’9” works pretty well. I am waiting for my growth spurt also.

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5’2”. I go back and forth. I like to be able to wear heels, but when I date very tall guys I feel like a kid. Which can be a little weird. And when I was a teacher I had to be Very Scary to get my kids to listen to me. Otherwise it’s cool.

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I’m 5’9’’ and I’m happy with how tall I am.

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