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What could actually be another use for a large snow shovel in a heavy, low-visibility snowstorm?

Asked by Mantralantis (1502points) October 14th, 2011

Um…there’s a very heavy, low-visibility snowstorm coming down all around you and you have a large snow shovel in your hand. Could there actually be other uses for the snow shovel besides shoveling?

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Air guitar?

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A cheap form of Jack-ass type entertainment involving some sort of spring board, an old mattress and a pool of jello?

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Sled! Forget the work of shoveling. You aren’t going anywhere anyway.

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Catch it before it actually gets on your sidewalk?

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Stand there & do impressions of the old guy in Home Alone.

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An over-sized spoon for your cereal.

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I use a snow shovel to clean my barn, scoops huge amounts of poopie pine shavings. lol

It could also be used as an umbrella and a wind break.

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Ha, @Coloma I was going for umbrella, windbreak- great minds think alike.

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Or a protest sign:
No Snow!
Go Snow!

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@faye – Actually that was my initial thought when I made up this snowy question. Good going. You win my personal Snow Survival Award. Yep.

@rebbel – Very funny!

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@Mantralantis Thank you, you’re very kind.

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I’m with @Blueroses. Snow shovels make great makeshift sleds.

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@bobbinhood – If some playwright were to ever come along and write a snow-sledding musical called Snow Shovels Away! I would not be one bit surprised. Yep.

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I use it to knock loads of snow off from trees.

We use it to scrape off our car, or to throw salt, too.

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@SpatzieLover – Yes those are very good reasons too. But knocking snow off tree’s? Maybe I’m not getting that one. But thanks.

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@Mantralantis So the overloaded limbs don’t crack or split. It’s quite common here to knock snow off from your trees, your roof-etc.

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@SpatzieLover – Well, gee, that makes sense. I should have thought of that, Spatz. Thanks!

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I know you said oversize shovel
But if you have a Chinese shovel you can do just about anything lol

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