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What is a fair price to charge someone to advertise on your blog?

Asked by TheGreenBrideGuide (178points) May 9th, 2008

I get about 150 hits a day for their target audience (green weddings) but the site is projected to get 1000 a day by the end of the year. Any idea what is fair or how to tell?

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Projections really don’t mean much. Advertisers are concerned with what your current traffic is averaged over the previous year. With 150 hits a day (as a side note, advertisers want to know “page views” and “unique visitors” not “hits”) your traffic is too low to interest most advertisers. As for the amount to charge, check out the competition and see what they are getting since I would imagine there are hundreds of sites in the bridal category to compare.

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Sorry – that was the unique visitors stat – it is 23,000 hits, 3356 pages. – but I think your advice still holds. I will snoop around. Thanks

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Have them sign a contract with an adjustable price scale – that way if it does go up, you can charge accordingly, although I guess if it goes down you might get screwed. Depends on how confident you are in your projects. Good luck – too bad I got married last year!

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