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Why would a dog lick your teeth?

Asked by Vertexgod (29points) May 9th, 2008

our dog licks our teeth every morning and can’t be stopped unless you physically hold her down.

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Are you smiling in your sleep every morning?

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Put the glass on a higher shelf.

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The answer is because they can. The question is why would you let it?

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Because she can!

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The good news: your dog sees you as the alpha.
The not-so-good news: for dogs, licking another is a submissive action, and they do it to the mouths and throat area of their pack leader to express hunger.

A possible solution: the scent of spearmint is very strong for most dogs. Keep a pack of Stride® spearmint gum by your bedside and pop one in your mouth first thing. Good luck!

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maybe morning breathis appealing to your dog. Or she’s trying to brush your teeth for you.

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Shut your bedroom door. (With the dog on the outside.)

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Maybe it’s just an appetizer because she plans on going for your throat soon.

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have you tried closing your mouth?

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perhaps you should eat fewer scooby snacks, shaggy

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Actually, wolf parents pre-chew food for the pups and then regurgitate it. Dogs “kissing” us by licking is a left-over instinct. But who is top dog in this house? Why do you have to physically hold your dog down to get it to cease any behavior? It needs to be trained to learn the off command, sit, stay, etc. This is semi-seroius. While dogs have cleaner mouths than people generally, who knows (or perhaps we know all too well) where that dog’s tongue has been. Yuck!

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hahaha..thats amazing,he probablyjustloves you

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