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Do you question death and life?

Asked by QueenOfNowhere (1871points) June 16th, 2011

Do you believe that you have a purpose in life?
I was talking to someone and they said they don’t have the NEED to question such things….
I am not exactly sure what he meant but maybe he was sayin people create those stuff to help their miserable lives…
I dont know.
tell me your opinions.

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I used to question these things as a child. As a young adult then I obsessed over my purpose or more distinctly, what my purpose. Nowadays though, I’m a fortunate and appreciative just to be living and more so to be relatively healthy and agile. I don’t question the why and where anymore nor do I worry if I’m supposed to have some greater purpose than just a fluke of being born.

My life is immensely more gratifying with that out of the way, I finally learned to enjoy the moment and appreciate simple things that have turned out to give great satisfaction. I waited decades to come to this degree of contentedness and inner peace.

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I found that the process of questioning such things was detrimental to me, and so I stopped focusing so much on it. I’ll find such things once I am released into the world from adolescence.

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I believe life is the matter of survival. We live to sustain our life and to avoid death. I’ve never questioned about death when I became an atheist, it’s pointless as I’m going to accept my miserable future of nothingness anyway.

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I don’t believe their is any lasting purpose in life. In the end, nothing matters, entropy wins, everything just falls apart into tangible nothingness. So live life the way you want to live it, adding meaning only detracts from living. That’s my opinion though.

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Basically, this. I don’t blindly follow the teachings of Lao Tzu, but his ideas compliment my own. From what I’ve gathered, things seem to happen for a reason.

I believe nature (or whatever you want to call it) has a purpose for everyone.

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I don’t question life or death…it’s pretty much guaranteed…
I have wondered about my purpose and at this point in my life,I think I have that down too ;)

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I have learned quite a bit about this topic through my spiritual studies, so cannot think of any questions beyond what I already understand. we are each non-physical, immortal, spiritual beings and are not the mortal, physical, human body we operate and view in a mirror. Only the mortal, physical, human body dies and not us as non-physical, “immortal” spiritual beings. We each go on and get another physical body be it human or animal, new parents, new name, etc…
The Bible has mention of this, though I learned it and much more outside of any faith-based religion.

Psalm 90:10The days of our years are threescore years and ten; and if by reason of strength they be fourscore years, yet is their strength labour and sorrow; for it is soon cut off, and we fly away.

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“I’m going to accept my miserable future of nothingness anyway.”

But if there is nothing after death, how could there be a “you” to be miserable? I think the experience of death is the same as the experience you had before you were born.

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@Hobbes for some, death is a terrifying moment, the very moment before you slip under you something clicks, some realization, and there’s a tremendous feeling of despair and horror. I know this because I’ve been “officially” dead before.

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Oh yes, I question life and death. But I’m not looking for a purpose, and I’m not actually looking for answers, either. The questioning itself is enough for me. Answers are dead, frozen things. Questioning is alive and open and spacious.

Questioning doesn’t have to be a grim, desperate affair (though it can be at times). I find that it more often takes the form of a joyful, absorbing investigation; a perpetual “what is this?” that is less about wanting to know than a desire to commune with.

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I’ve also heard many stories of people who’ve had near-death experiences and say it was incredibly peaceful and beautiful. Could you tell me more about your experience?

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^ @King_Pariah is correct, there are thousands of these reports. People experience some sort of “Divine Love” or peaceful feeling when they pass.

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@Hobbes, @King_Pariah is right. I also believe that the idea of being unable to think or feel even after you’re ‘dead’ is miserable. But again, People could have different perspective of death. I don’t believe there’s happiness in death but submission due to fate as living creature and disability to change the fact.

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@Hobbes Hard to say what exactly it was, I don’t remember to well (no oxygen to brain = those memories are extremely cloudy) but I remember something scared me, something was utterly terrifying, I felt consumed but utter despair and hate. But I was kind of glad that I was feeling some strong emotion, so there was a tiny island of glee surrounded by a tumultuous raging ocean. Like I said, some people don’t get a peaceful feeling, I never said it was an absolute that encompassed all deaths, just some.

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Nope. I never question it.

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Did you feel as though “you” were dissolving? That your ego was disappearing? This may have been what was so frightening.

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Sure, why not? I question everything. We create meaning in our lives, meaning doesn’t just exist.

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“I don’t believe there’s happiness in death”

But you believe there is misery? Here’s the way I look at it: “you” are not actually a discrete object. You are a pattern of particles, a form of matter and energy which is always changing, and which is deeply connected to all other the matter and energy in the Universe. Every atom in your body was forged in the heart of a star, and the ones in your right hand probably came from a different star than your right. When you die, your pattern of atoms changes into something else. When we look at a cloud we say it is a discrete object, and when it turns into rain we say it is gone, but it isn’t. It’s merely in a different state. When a wave appears on the ocean, you can see it as a thing on its own, but when it sinks back into the water that birthed it, it hasn’t died.

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Sure I’ve questioned life and death? What is the meaning of life? What happens when we die?

But I can see not questioning them. It’s not as if it does anything. We’ll find out about death (or not) when we die. As to the meaning of life—does having an answer for that question change the way you live life one bit? I doubt it.

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No, I realized a long time ago that life has absolutely zero meaning, and is just something we do until we don’t anymore.

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No, I don;t question life and death. I am not afraid of my death, I love life, but, there is no fear of the end. Of course, I’d prefer it isn’t horribly painful, obviously. lol

We live, we die, and purpose is ever changing. I believe our universal purpose is to wake up to the oneness of the totality, everything else is subject to change.

Birth is the opposite of death, but life has no opposite.

In-joy your time here, it is magic!

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Only when I have had too many beers.

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I question life and death only as far as a leaf floating down the stream, occasionally stopping to huddle with a stone, only to be swept away again by the water’s seemingly endless flow…

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My opinion is we can try to figure out life all we want be we will never fully understand it. As for death well we’ll find out when we’re dead!

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I believe that everyone in this world has a purpose in life and that purpose was given to them by the creator of heaven and earth. Weather we follow his designs for our life or not is our choice.

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I do not believe in a purpose to life. We go around once and should make the most of it. This does not imply hedonism. We live a richer and happier life if we devote at least part of it to others. I love the words of Hillel in this regard:
If I am not for myself, who will be for me?
If I am only for myself, what am I?
It not now, when?

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@Hobbes not dissolving, and it most certainly had nothing to do with my ego.

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Yes, my life has several purposes. I feel as though they are all legitimate, but others may not agree. They’re entitled to their opinions. : )

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The purpose of my life is to experience things, whether happy, sad, hard, or easy. Reproduce, make a living, and die.

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Can you name or describe what it was that scared you?

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I couldn’t, I just know at the very last second, true and utter fear washed over me. Like I said, brain was without oxygen, cells died, I’m lucky that i even remember as much as I do apparently.

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Nope. I think your friend probably sees it the way I see it. Your, born you live and you die. You may have a purpose or you may not. Simply, what is the point in trying to figure out what it is. So many people try to figure out what purpose they have to obtain and either end up chasing something that was never right for them and miss the mark, or are too busy asking questions instead of enjoying today. We all die eventually, and since we don’t know what our expiration date is whats the sense in worrying about something you have no control over.

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I don’t question life and death. I agree with many of the other posters here, it is a certainty that we will die and I don’t believe there is anything waiting after that.

I don’t believe we have a set purpose either. I don’t believe we are part of some master plan and I have a set role to play. I believe I am fortunate to have my life though and I should do the best I can to be productive and to touch other people’s lives in a positive way.

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If that’s all there is, I may as well quit struggling and just go ahead and die.

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The questioning of life and death is more vital than people think. I think not knowing is one of the main purposes of life itself. If we knew the answers, the world IMO would be a duller place.

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@jasper1890 there is some truth to what you say.

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@CaptainHarley, well, if you wish. But that’s only the purpose of my life that i briefly listed above.. But of course after reproduction, there’s the experiencing of tough and easy times again, and then finally death, after I’m too weak to continue living, and have seen my children grow up and have their own families and lives.

Continue struggling, tough times don’t last but tough people do (or so I’ve heard).

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I agree with that part. I firmly believe that we are never to give up. But that part’s the minimum. What else is beyond mere survival? To help elevate the consciousness of others, to help others survive, to help them choose and pursue goals above mere survival… that is what I believe.

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I can tell you what life isn’t.. It isn’t something to spend you life on thinking about death. As they say, “When in Rome”..

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I used to.

Now it’s enough to simply live Life
and allow it to reveal itself as It chooses.

And I can’t rightly question death…
...I don’t know what it is!

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The Ultimate Question & The Ultimate Answer

Q: “Why?”
A: “Why not?”

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No. I know why I am here, and I don’t sweat about it.

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Even if we had found the answer, who of us would believe it? We may have inadvertantly run upon the answer to life and death multiple times but because it seemed so simple we couldn’t hold on to such an easy answer. Man is here to imagine complications.

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@chewhorse There is a difference between believing and KNOWING. I know why I am here. No doubt in my mind…

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Please expand, how do you know why you are here?

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This is possibly flame bait. I hope not.

In 1974 I prayed for someone and they were totally restored. I was a brand new Christian, and it was the first time I had prayed for anyone. So that’s how God shows up for me.

One of my favorite quotes is by Francis Frangipane: “Christians should not look like people going to heaven; we should look like people coming from heaven with the gifts of heaven!”

God put me here for a reason, and I am living it out every day.

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I was raised to believe that the spirits do not give meanings to our lives, but rejoice when we find meaning in our own lives. The world was made and it is beautiful, but it wasn’t made to “do” anything. It’s more like a painting than the machine many people want it to be. I don’t believe in literal spirits, but I do agree with the rest and the idea that goes with it that death is just a return to the earth.

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@snowberry “There is a difference between believing and KNOWING. I know why I am here. No doubt in my mind”… Good for you (hope it doesn’t end in disappointment)

“Please expand, how do you know why you are here?” Does everything have to have a reason? An answer? THAT I’m here is sufficient enough for me.

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@chewhorse There are things about my life that are true. There are other things about my life that are belief but might not be true and as such, are subject to change. Knowledge is that part of my life that is both opinion and truth. OK? : )

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You forget about others, as they see you.. As they preceive you.. Which may not agree to your ideals. Are they wrong in their assessments? You see others as they may not view themselves.. Are you wrong? Bully for you and your ideals.

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@chewhorse Depending on the person, or group of people, I’ve been appreciated, castigated, maligned, put on a pedestal, adored, or any number of other ”-eds”. It just depends. Sometimes it’s due to predjudice or promoting an agenda. Other times it’s because others assign a certain motive for my behavior (mistaken perception), and sometimes (lots of times) it’s due to my own stupidity. I take full responsibility for the stupidity.

In my experience, public opinion has little to do with the real me. Given enough motivation on the part of others, such a thing takes on a life of its own. It’s called gossip (and probably something else, not sure what). But once that happens, there’s not much you can do, except live your life as best you know how.

My point is I take responsibility for the parts of my life where it is possible to do so, and I don’t worry about the rest of it.

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I believe that you were born with potential but not reason or destiny. What you do with your life determines its meaning. In fact, what your children do also helps to determine whether your life had meaning or not. That is not to say that childless people’s lives have no meaning, only that your heirs by blood, or philosophy, add or subtract to the meaning of your life.

What happens after death is completely unknown but I was not alive before I was born so I suspect that being dead will not be much different.

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@snowberry… Thanks for your input.

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I question death and life all the time. Human beings can feel great physical and mental pain both throughout their life ,when they were born and when they die.If human beings felt no physical or mental pain , then would they question life and death ?Is fear of death a fear of the afterlife , or just a fear of a very painful death?Some people say they have no fear of death.I do fear an agonising slow death and then to make it worse I fear being punished by God after I die .What am I afraid of? How do we know a human being does not feel great pain after they die?Hopefully not , that is why we say Rest in Peace.

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Everyone has a purpose in life and there has to be something after death. It just depends on what you believe. You have to go out and find your purpose in life. Now, you can’t possibly say that your purpose in life is to murder hundreds of people for absolutely NO reason, but you can say that your purpose in life is to join the military and fight for the freedom of your country. As for death, well that definitely depends on your religious views (and despite some people’s beliefs, EVERYONE HAS A RELIGIOUS VIEW!!!!!!).

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I believe one’s greatest purpose is to serve others and live each day as if it were our only day.

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“I was talking to someone and they said they don’t have the NEED to question such things.”..
I’m assuming he was referring to death and life, not purpose. And for some, not being capable of changing either, they accept existence as it is with no question. I’m sort of like that myself.. seeing both as an adventure and accepting my fate (pertaining to life and death). What is done between these two constants is what determines our essence. As both upbringing and environment contributes to what we are or what we become, the majority of our desires, drives and purpose is what we (should) control ourselves.

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When I was younger I used to question. Not so much life and death as purpose. Why am I here” What does it mean to be alive and is that different from existing? Does anything I do really matter and will it matter after my death? Questions like that.
But now, not so much. I accept that I am. And that you are. And that at some point we will be no longer involved in this process we call life; much like the vast majority of those who answered this question a scant 2½ years ago and that I need to appreciate those who are still here while they are here. But, in the overall view of things, life goes on, as George Harrison once said, “Within you and without you”.

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There is no reason, no purpose for you being here. It is merely fate. Pure chance.

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