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What hardware do I need to fix this toy chest?

Asked by sarahsugs (2893points) October 4th, 2011

I have a lovely old solid wood toy chest acquired from a garage sale. The lid lifts up and doubles as a bench when closed. It is missing the hardware that attaches the lid to the box. A trip to the hardware store led me to purchase this:,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&biw=1849&bih=919&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=shop&cid=15392219870072766794&sa=X&ei=pIWLTvrIH9SDsgKa1bHOBA&ved=0CEgQ8wIwAA#ps-sellers

I believe it is close to the right thing as the original drill holes in the box and lid are in the exact right place. However, this hinge is too long. When the lid is closed, there is a two-inch gap between it and the back of the box. An internet search has yielded no results for a similar product that is shorter (the one I have is about 6 inches long). Any advice/help finding the right thing? Ace hardware only carries the one length.

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What you purchased might still work but you would have to drill new holes under the lid (about two inches closer to the back edge from where the current holes are) to make up the 2 inch gap. There is a website here that has other alternative styles of box hinges and lid lifters: (it is a peculiar link). Particularly if you want the hinge to support the open lid and support a person sitting on it, you may want to find something designed for that purpose.

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Are you going to continue using this as a toy chest? If so, please read this first The type of hinge you need is pictured in the link.

Your local woodcraft store will have this hinge available.

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I’m pretty sure this is the link @Kayak8 was trying to provide. I just used my understanding of Fluther formatting to find the right page, then I used to make a link that works. Feel free to correct me if I got it wrong.

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@bobbinhood You are correct. I just could not make it work. I kept getting this+Box+Hinges++Lid+Supports/Toy+Box+Lid+Supports/

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Whenever Fluther breaks a link, I just head over to tinyurl to make a little one that it won’t break.

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@Kayak8, thanks, yes, that makes sense about drilling new holes. I also came across that website when searching online but I could not seem to find any spring lid supports that were shorter than 6 inches.

@SpatzieLover, yikes, scary. Fortunately that is the type of hinge that I am working with.


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