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"I have a heightened sense of ____"?

Asked by Jude (32098points) October 5th, 2011

For me, it’s smell. I’m like a bloodhound. Often you’ll hear me saying “do you smell that?”, with someone responding “no”.

Sadly, this sucks at times because if the smell comes off as too strong, I gag. I went into my Dad’s basement whilst slurping some milk out of a mug, last night, and what would be a light musty smell for some, for me, it was overpowering and made me retch.

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…taste. Mmm, the air in my house is yummy! ;-p

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You’re both brats. ;)

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I can’t choose just one. My sense of smell, taste, and touch are all very sensitive. I also have very sensitive ears, my husband teases me for it all the time. My vision is poor, but otherwise I think I tend to be hypersensitive to everything. I think it’s just in my nature. Maybe I’m just very alert.

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Sound and touch. It can drive me crazy sometimes.

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how I am coming across to others. (Makes me so apologetic sometimes.)

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@janbb Are you sure that you’re not Canadian (as far as being apologetic)? :)

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Awareness. I’m extremely observant and notice a lot of stuff others don’t pickup.

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My wife has a heightened sense of traffic accidents.

Out of the last four times she has stated to me….“slow down, I sense danger ahead”, she has been 3 our of 4 times correct.

These were accidents on the interstate. When she talks, I listen.

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Smell. My partner says I have a “dog nose”. If we have garbage or groceries going bad, I usually smell it a day or two before she does.

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Sight. It’s like I see everything that happens around me.

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@Jude I’m sorry: I’m not.

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Color. I see nuances most don’t see.

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Or maybe not.

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Ghosts. I can sense them. Sometimes I can even see their appearance in my mind. I can hear them when other people can’t. I am very sensitive to that kind of stuff. It can also be scary at times.

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Bullshit. I can always tell when someone is talking out of his/her ass.

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Hearing. As proof, when I used to play flashlight army (complicated game, not enough time to explain, but it involves finding and tagging the other team in the middle of the woods), I could point to where people were when nobody else heard anything. But even more interesting…

One of my friends has a very heightened sense of time. There could be not a single clock in sight, and I could ask him what time is was, and he would be accurate to about 2 or 3 minutes. I could also ask him what day of the week it was on, for example, April 25 1997. He would reply “Friday,” and he was absolutely right.

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Self preservation & optimism, Cheers! ;-/
maybe acute Alcohol poisoning lol……..

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I have a straight eye I’ll straighten all your frames in your rooms…

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sensitivity to other’s moods

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I detect fake people rather well… In my line of work you get used to it. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like them anyway just the way they are.


No skin off my teeth.

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Feeling. I like to be touched.

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LOL @Blueroses I have a very sensitive bullshit metre too.

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H U M O R ! ! !

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NOW, A hangover in the morning :-/

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@Tropical_Willie Humor is the best thing in the world!

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I’ve got the smell thing too, which can be good or bad. I’m always the person who smells something burning, or gas leaking or something dead or rotten or rancid. But I also smell gingerbread and ocean breezes and pine needles almost to the point of having a big O!

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I have a dog’s nose too—in my classroom, the worst stench is teenage boys coming in from lunch with old shoes that have gotten wet from snow or splashing in puddles.

I also have a crazy-sensitive sense of visually reading other people’s moods. I believe I developed that to gauge my way through my childhood.

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Awareness about what is going on in my body. When I start feeling ill, I am pretty good at differentiating whether it’s something I need to worry about or not.

Also agree with @Blueroses; several times in the past I’ve distrusted people from the moment I met them and they turned out to be compulsive liars.

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The impact of my words, or at least I like to think so.

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I’m sure I know how you are feeling.

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Smell and taste I’m a supertaster, which isn’t as special as it sounds, but I used to have great eye sight and hearing too, now I’m average 20/20 & such. I’m quite sensual, in the tactile format along with other ways. My sense of humor is quite acute.
Also my sense of balance is pretty good, nothing special though. And my thermoception is decent too. And…

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Hands cupcake full of phenylthiocarbamide (PTC) to @everephebe and eats one myself; laughs at result.

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Wow that tastes very bitter.^

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@everephebe I’m part of the 30% of the population that can’t taste PTC, period. I’m a nontaster, or subtaster, or whatever the opposite of supertaster is.

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^you mean normal, and non-freaklike. :D

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…social protest.

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Hearing… but not in the sense that I could necessarily hear softer sounds or sounds further away than the normal 20-something year old. What I am good at is picking out individual sounds out of a muddle of sounds- give me a piece of music and I’ll be able to pick out most of the instruments and tell you what they are doing :)

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