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Oprah Spoke: She asked "Everyone has a show, what is your personal show?"?

Asked by GabrielsLamb (6186points) October 5th, 2011

Through it…
What is “your show” about
What is the premise
the purpose
Who do your reach
How do you effect others lives
(For the better, for yourself, or for the worst?)
How do you make others feel?

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Everybody watches it, nobody likes it, and nobody will turn it off.

I effect nothing, no one, I reach no one, and it’s a sitcom in syndication… Only nobody understands that it is an old episode, and they all behave as though it was just filmed and they won’t let the character develop.

It makes other people hateful, angry, hurtful, and mean.

and they all behave as though they are the only one watching, judging, hating…

The television knows different…

*And sometimes, when I still let it, it sucks, and it hurts…

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Naked women playing guitars and violins.

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It’s basically a more grown up version of Pete & Pete with more debauchery.

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Holy crap, you really brought that back…

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@Blackberry got the first two seasons on DVD. It’s my all time favorite show ;)

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Bitch, please.

Everyone needs a place to bitch freely.

oh wait, that’s The View. nevermind.

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Serious, boring answer: I’d love to have a show that reaches out to children suffering at the hands of an abuser. Somehow letting them know that there really is love in the world, that someone really does care about them, that life really can be better. Teaching them where they can (safely) go to get help. Yeah, I have no idea how the logistics of this would ever actually work, but I can dream, right?

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Hahaha. yea…

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@augustlan I read somewhere that Mr. Rogers was that for a lot of kids, and actually saved the life of one girl, because his show made her life bearable, and gave her hope. .

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@augustlan I think the catholic church already tried something like that…..

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Hitler: The gaming years 1926 to 1935 a documentary.
I’d narrate a sober chronicle of Adolfs passion for beat em up’s & shooters & conclude that his over zealous approach & competitive nature towards these games did indeed contribute to his madness.

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@ucme Ah yes. First hand accounts from people who played World of Warcraft with him.

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@Blackberry Indeed, if you can bear to watch this heartbreaking footage showing the moment he would never truly get over. A tragic loss, it’s no wonder he turned out as he did, poor tortured soul :¬(

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*Talk about a character needing development… Sheesh.

*Everytime I take a mispent moment and pity myself, all I ever need to do is look around and strangely enough, I feel better… Not worse.


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I’d like to have a show that deals with the paranormal. People could come on the show and talk about their sightings or experiences, I could have specialists come on, stuff like that. There’s a radio show like that I used to listen to called Coast to Coast and they had on a ’‘vampire hunter’’ once. That was bizarre, but definitely interesting.

I’d do something like that, but on TV. It could show taped footage and stuff, and we could present small documentaries on paranormal history from the past that could be related to ’‘today’s content’’. My show would be about ghosts, aliens, spontaneous combustion and stuff like RODS. I’d want a vast assortment of stuff though, like that one time on Unsolved Mysteries where they talked about a village abandoned by its inhabitants because the mountain they were nestled at the foot of started making noises…everyone got freaked and left. Having one of those people on my show would be cool.

I don’t believe in a lot of stuff, but these things really interest me, and I find it fascinating. So I’d try to make the show in a way that you could learn a lot of stuff, instead of just being flashy and lame.

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@Symbeline That’s a popular concept as of late. I’d specifically like to see one where in knowing it is campy they showed the people behind the scenes running around banging on things and throwing things at the camera men… I think that would make a good comedy?

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@ucme I find nothing funny about a dictator that gassed and tortured almost an entire race of people from the face of the earth. But that’s just me… I can be a little too serious about things like that.

*I’m American and Canadian Indian by the way so I tend to take up for those who have no voice and are too decent a people then to belly ache about social injustices as a moral practice.

Sorry to be a buzz kill.

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Something sort of like Weaponology

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