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How long is it ok to not pay for cellphone bills in Japan (au by kddi)

Asked by sorosorosoyu (1points) October 6th, 2011

This month I’m a bit short on money and my cellphone bill is too expensive for me to afford. But I can’t find anywhere if I can pay it in half and half, or next month. Or if they close my phone if I don’t pay in the first month. If anyone knows please tell me! I can afford it this month but it would really put me in a difficult position.

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It really depends on the company. Call them up, explain the situation, and try to work something out with them directly.

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As a good faith effort on your part, send the amount that you can afford and call customer service to let them know that the balance will be paid on…(provide a realistic date). They will make a note on your account when they can expect the payment of the balance. Prepare to pay any applicable late payment charge.

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