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Will there be a new iPhone?

Asked by Mtl_zack (6765points) February 15th, 2009

I’m about to switch my mobile carrier and get a new phone, probably the 8 GB iPhone. But, knowing Apple, they’ll probably come out with something better in a month. Should I go through with this?

My service provider is crap, and they duped me into getting a horrible Samsung Instinct. Their customer service is horrible, if it even exists and everything is way to confusing. It’s Bell, by the way. I want to switch to Rogers. I do have to pay 450 dollar disactivation fee, but I feel like it’ll be worth it in the long run. The basic iPhone plan here in Canada is 60 dollars a month.

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Rumor has it that in June, iPhone 2.0 will make it’s appearance. The current iPhone 3G is version 1.2.

Along with those rumors come the chance of Flash and real multitasking of applications. If that be so, i will purchase one.

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How much longer do you have in your contract?

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I have a really long time (November 2011), but I really hate Bell.

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Ouch, I might cut my losses too in that case. You might consider waiting until this summer to see if and what the new phone is all about.

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Well, as long as these things are not hardware changes, I’m fine. If it’s firmware, can’t I jut download it when it happens? If it’s hardware, I might just have to wait.

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@Mtl_zack i don’t know what the rules are like in Canada, but in the US, if the provider changes the terms of the contract, even something rather small, like a service charge, you can legally cut the contract without paying an ETF. you might keep an eye out when and if you decide to move over. It could save you several hundred dollars and/or several years waiting…

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I was going to say the same thing as @eponymoushipster (future lead singer of Shit Hammock). regularly alerts readers to opportunities to escape their contracts because of contract changes such as increased fees for texts. Find a site like that for Canada or try Googling for an alert.

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@kevbo f yeah!! <does rock n roll hand horns!> ’..’;

one thing to add to what @kevbo and i said: you have to specifically say you are dropping due to the change, whatever it is, and that you want the ETF waived. if you just call up and cancel, assuming they understand why, you’ll be SOL.

<goes back to rockin’ out>

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If I were you, I’d keep an eye out for ANY changes with your contract. Even if they don’t really matter to you, jump on them and go to cancel your contract without an ETF. I believe the same rules apply in Canada as they do here in the US. You have really raise a ruckus but you should get out with an ETF.

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@seekingwolf yeah, anything will work. Recently, Sprint raised some service charge from .75 to .99, and it’s a valid reason to leave. Actually, they extended the period where they’ll accept the cancellation all the way til march 15.

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Oh, about the new iPhone…rumor has it that it will be sort of a “mini” iPhone…
Personally, I couldn’t imagine the ruddy thing getting any smaller, but oh well.

Oh, as for the price of an iPhone data plan, I’d look into other forums about getting a Blackberry plan instead. Some people have switched settings and were able to get an iPhone to work with a Blackberry data plan…which is much cheaper than the iPhone one.

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i’m not sure i believe the “mini” rumor, but if a new iPhone comes out, it’ll be the 3rd iteration, which usually means it is more stable. Although the iPhone seems fairly stable already.

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Well, like I said, it’s a rumor. I am not sure about it either, but we’ll see.

in the meantime, I’m hoping the iPod Touch has another version coming out. I have waaayy too many songs and carry a lot of anime with me, and my iPod (3+ years) is crapping out. I’d like to get an iPod Touch that holds more than 40 GB.

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@seekingwolf yeah, me too. i had a 30gb iPod, and it was essentially full, then the logic board crapped out on it. so, thanks to the fact that AmEx doubles the warranty on purchases, i was able to upgrade to the 80gb free of charge.

i would have popped out a little extra $$ for a Touch if it had any real storage. now i have over 40gb of tunes, and my harddrive will run out before my iPod is full. i think they’ll up the Touch/iPhone to 32gb at the very least, and drop the 8gb. that’d follow their pattern, i think.

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I believe the current iPod Touch is at 32 GB already…the iPhone is still at 16 GB I think?

I’m hoping to see 80 GB soon. :) That’s the size of my current iPod.

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@seekingwolf ah, you’re right. i was thinking the iPhone. well, they could shift everything up i suppose. 80gb would be sweet.

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The iPods have settled down to pretty much one new hardware revision a year, and I expect the iPhone to be the same. I don’t believe any Apple rumors until it shows up on Apple’s web site. Even when I worked for Apple for two years I didn’t know what products were coming out until they were announced at MacWorlds or special events, just like everyone else. They are not going to let something slip out ahead of time. It’s all just wild speculation by “analysts” which are more wrong than not.

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MacRumors Buyers Guide recommends not buying a new iPhone now. They expect updates sometime “soon”.

Take that with a grain of salt. Apple doesn’t talk about future products or release dates, as a rule. You might hafta wait a couple of weeks or several months.

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There will always be a new one but of course no one knows when… I like to believe WWDC 09 (June) Atleast i’m sure we’ll se a 32gb version.

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yes it will be announced at the start of June and will be called the iphone 3GS…with video recording capacity, much better speeds and the long awaited cut and paste….look up apple at the relevant time…

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