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How can i add to my friendfeed and twitter ac the questions that i ask on fluther?

Asked by diceliving (87points) May 10th, 2008 from iPhone

rss feed? How?

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I don’t use Twitter, but could you not just add: feed:// to your profile there or something to that effect?

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You can subscribe to for anything that supports RSS.

Rachelskirts's avatar will allow you to post from an RSS feed to Twitter.

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@andrew, could you clarify—doesn’t the user-specific Activity RSS (like your example for diceliving) get updated whenever there’s a new response by other people to a question that the user is following?

If yes, is there a separate RSS feed that shows only the questions that a specific user has asked?

Maybe something like{username} ?

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@mdy: This is true. I’ll see if I can throw up that feature tomorrow when I’m working (not just Fluthering).

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the reason i asked—was to get replies to my questions from friends who are not currently on fluther.
if people who regularly use fluther and twitter included an RSS feed of their fluther questions, then it might get more people signing up for fluther if seen regularly on the twitter public timeline.
thanks for the help so far

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