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Is Philadelphia really super bummed out?

Asked by dreamwolf (3152points) October 8th, 2011

All over ESPN they are talking about how bummed out Philadelphia is. Is Philadelphia purely just a sports city? Are its fans over reacting? Do you think there is way too much talking and not enough walking in Philadelphia?

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What is the kernel of information in this question? Too vague.

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Yes, the fans are very sad and surprised by the Phillies loss to the Cardinals. (Especially with the Eagles at 1–3.)

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Philadelphia certainly isn’t just a sports city but they do take their sports and their teams very seriously and Philadelphia fans are, well, lets just describe them as “vocal” to be nice.

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They should be, because they were hoping that they could boo the Phillies all the way to and including the World Series. ;-)

Even though they still have the Eagles to boo, there’s a chance that they might not get to boo the 76ers.

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@gailcalled Sorry you got to be a sports geek for this question.

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Ah. I did live in Philly for fourteen years and vaguely remember (in 1974) an enormous racket heard in East Falls/Germantown from Center City. The Flyers had won the Stanley Cup and the entire area erupted. I can recall wondering what had happened as the uproar went on for a long time.

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@gailcalled I think of Philly as die hard sports fans for some reason, maybe its because I live in San Diego home of the fairweather fan.

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