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Can anyone here give me some tips on fantasy baseball?

Asked by weeveeship (4665points) April 7th, 2011

I just started a week ago.

League details:
Style: Roto-H,R,HR,SB,RBI,AVG for offense
Roto- K,W,SV,WHIP,ERA for defense (i.e. pitchers)

I am new so I don’t really know what I should be doing from day to day. Any advice?

P.S. I already read the stuff on It’s ok, but I want to know more than just “Who’s the best 2B?”

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Does your league have any limits on how many players you can drop or add per week? Also, if you could post the players on the team you drafted, that would help us give better advice. Not all Fantasy Teams manage the same way—if you got a lot of good hitters, you’ll have to play the league differently than if you got good pitchers.

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Don’t play it.

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