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Has Sportscenter really fallen off, or is it just me?

Asked by JonnyCeltics (2721points) August 20th, 2008

Seems like it has become more talking heads, ranting about nothing at all…over analysis, and generally not interesting anymore.

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Midsummer has traditionally been the least active time of the sports season. There is partically nothing to analyze except matinĂ©e baseball and luckily this year, the Olympics. This is why it seems like Sportscenter is broadcastering only irrelevant skits like Titletown and Camp Confidential (gasp, Chad Johnson dropped another ball). Just wait a bit longer til basketball and football season begin, then there will finally be actual content to discuss. Right now, they’re just struggling to fill an entire episode with “meaningful” discussions.

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I think they’ve COMPLETELY dropped the ball on Olympics coverage. I mean, regardless of whether or not they have the rights, aren’t they supposedly the “worldwide leader in sports?” How much more worldwide can you get(?) and they are nowhere to be found.

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It’s still my source for up to date inside info on sports.

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