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Is it weird I'm this happy?

Asked by blueberry_kid (5957points) October 8th, 2011

No, I don’t smoke pot, and I’m not on drugs. But I feel like I’m always happy sometimes, and some of my friends think it’s weird, even my teachers. Like, in the morning, I’m not grouchy or quiet or anything, I’m happy and loud and cheerful. I’m always told that I’m really happy and I smile and laugh to much. Now, I am normally a loud person, but it’s not like I start a riot in the morning, I just happen to be a morning person. Also, I laugh a lot. Many people seem to think thats weird.

Is this really not that normal? Don’t hesitate to ask for more examples on my cheery attitude. I just need to know, is it so wrong to be happy?

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Good for you honey! Good for you! Never allow anyone to ever take that away from you! People think it is “Weird.” Because they can’t imagine that for themselves.

Given enough time… they will eventually hate you for it.

Don’t let them.

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I’m going to ask you one thing before I answer. Do you have a boyfriend?

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You should bottle it and sell it. It’s not that you are weird, I am just jealous.

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Sounds awesome. There’s far too much emo depression bs rolling around. The world needs people like you to balance things out.

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I think it’s refreshing that someone can still be happy.
I’m a little jealous.

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@bkcunningham No! Sadly, I haven’t fished out the right one.

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It’s not weird at all and in fact, I wish we could bottle some of that joy up and send it around the world to places that could sure use a lot more happiness. There’s no questions that times are tough all over for so many right now so just keep that happiness going strong. It can be infectious and that’s worth spreading around. =)

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Can you tell me a little more about your cheeryness? I think its hilarious and awesome.

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You are blessed to be so happy. Do not change.

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@blueberry_kid – I have to say, I’m very much like you. I’m pretty cheery in the morning and people (college roommate back in the day, co-workers in the office) have complained to me that it doesn’t seem fair I can be so upbeat first thing in the morning.

I laugh a lot, tend to be pretty optimistic and unless I’m really overtired, hungry or sick I am almost always smiling. I am easily fact, I find I get really blissed out by small things like a sunny autumn day or a nice glass of iced tea.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with this—but I do realize it can be a bit annoying to some folks depending on the time of day and/or their perspective.

By and in large though, I’ve had colleagues say they love to be around me because I’m so upbeat & “can-do”. I’ve had customers and supervisors thank me for my obvious passion (enjoying what I’m doing)—so being cheery pays!

I’m sure that temperament is like a bell-curve or spectrum of some sort..and some people tend towards the depressive end of the curve and some people the opposite happy side of the curve. I feel blessed to not have depressive tendencies..though many people I love (including my hubby) have experienced depression.

So – long answer short: no, it’s not weird. Thank your lucky stars and smile on. :)

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There’s nothing wrong with it, but please don’t do it anywhere near me in the morning. I absolutely detest morning chipperness.

Maybe you are finding people like me around you in the morning, and they tell you that you are weird. That doesn’t mean you are weird. It may just mean that if you are not a morning person, you chipperness is difficult to take.

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Enjoy the fact that you have a good natured and happy, playful, personality, there aren’t enough of us to go around! ;-D
If you’re an extrovert you are more likely to be a cheerful and high energy type. It’s part of your nature.

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I call it LDL – Low Delight Level. I have it too!

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