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Open for business this Halloween season, what would your thrilling haunted house look like and have inside?

Asked by mazingerz88 (28971points) October 9th, 2011


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I could do the haunted barn.

Be careful of the goosing zombie geese and the spitting Llama monster.
If you make it out the other side then you must get through the gate before the donkeys take you down and rip off your clothes looking for apple treats.
IF, you get this far you must save some treats when you meet the wall of draft horse. No offerings and you will be pulverized under his 10 inch hooves. :-)

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Our house is already dark inside with dark tiles floors, deep earthtone shades of paint on the walls and high ceilings. I like to bring in vines from the yard and lay them across the tables, the counters, mom’s heavy antique craftsman chairs and around the entryway. On these vines we place and stretch out tons of the fake spiderweb fluff, sprinkle it with plastic bugs, dried leaves, little fake rats, spiders, snakes and dead floral arrangements. We will fill a bunch of clear vases with a bit of water and light candles to place in them that give moving low light. All of our internal house lights are on dimmers so that helps. I love to make a really spooky first-glance-inside-the-doorway when trick or treaters come.

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One of the haunted houses in New Orleans is (or used to be) staffed by prison inmates. How’s that for scary?

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Since I’ve been playing Alice the Madness Returns, I think that, were I to make a haunted house, I would be inspired by one of the levels in that game.

A creepy and disturbing doll house theme. Things that look cute, like porcelain dolls, stuffed animals and toys, but give it a freakish and offending look. Hanged dolls with barbed wire around their mouth and eyes, cute looking skeleton hands pointing in the direction in which to proceed in the house, decapitated doll heads crying or laughing and teddybears holding giant scissors in a menacing fashion.
It would be kind of like a museum, where everything is dark, but the objects on display would be brightly lit up, to offer a discomforting sense of disbalance for the visitor, both physically and with the subject matter. I’d make it kind of maze like, to offer a bit of confusion and panic.
I think that would be a cool theme, and while it may be strong in itself, I’d fashion the whole thing in a way that people can have fun and remember that it’s Halloween. I wouldn’t wanna completely traumatize people. XD

Either that or just place life size plastic zombies all over the front yard.

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It’d be cool to bring a Zerg Hatchery to life, it’s probably too modern for it to be known as Halloween related though. Throwing chocolate all over the house with tents or something I don’t know.

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Like this, only the zombies wouldn’t be quite as obvious.

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