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If you install a beta software on an iPhone does it still connect to the phone service?

Asked by xxporkxsodaxx (1391points) May 10th, 2008

I want to install it but I don’t want to lose my phone function

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My understanding from reading some of Mac user forums is that only authorized beta testers (authorized by Apple) that are partipants in the SDK development are able to have 2.0 is installed on the iPhone and have activated cellular services, but I think that may only be the case for locked (AT&T) phones. Someone correct me if I’m wrong on that (not 100% sure).

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Well I am an authorized developer, I just wanted to sign up to see what I could do but I decided that I won’t develop anything so I just deleted the SDK, but im still registered.
and what exactly do you mean by locked phones? Like only people who are with AT&T, because I’m with them.

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Yes…that is correct-those under contract with AT&T; if I were in your position, a contact to Apple and to AT&T customer service prior to installing the 2.0 OS would be wise.

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do you have an idea of where I can find the download?

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