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What computer monitor will work with my Wii?

Asked by bob (3193points) June 22nd, 2007

I am planning on purchasing a computer monitor to use with my laptop, and I would like to be able to hook it up to my Wii. (That way, I could play in widescreen 480p.) Any suggestions for a good monitor or adaptor/transcoder/etc.? I'm looking in the 20 to 24-inch range.

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I've been very satisfied with the Dell 2007wfp... I know Dell makes a cheaper 20 incher, but this has a higher quality panel, plus lots of inputs (I don't know the outputs of the Wii, but this could be easily verified). If you're willing to throw around a little more money, look at Dell's 24 inch. Dell has a great mix of quality screens with very low prices. Hard to go wrong, I'd say. And mine has been a champ with my MacBook Pro.

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I have to agree with ben. I use a Dell 30", and I am extremely happy with it. I have had probably nearly 20 monitors of all imagineable sizes and prices over the years, and none have pleased me like the large dell currently does. The 30" has 4 USB ports (two on the bottom and two, thoughtfully, on the side) and a fully functional multicard reader. It can also be changed (by re-screwing things, it's not on a rotatable axis) into portrait mode, which is great for coding IME. I'm not sure about the rest of the Dell lineup, but I'm sure they're all nearly as good.


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Yeah. I second the Dell 2007fpw or any other sized Dell monitor with S-Video and/or composite inputs. Just make sure you sort out the sound issue, as you're going to have to use an RCA cable to hook up the red and white cables to a sound system or speakers of some sort.

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JoshLowensohn is right about the sound issue. You’ll want to consider getting some good quality RCA cables for that. Since the Wii does support HD sound (though not video), it may be worth it to get gold-plated RCA cables if you’ve got a good sound system.

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Composite inputs would be great, since the Wii’s composite output is best, but what’s really important here is the ability of the monitor to scale the games and not have them look shitty. This is a feature of the monitor which should be considered separate from whether the monitor looks good when hooked up to a regular computer at native resolution.

the 2007wfp didn’t have composite in; I don’t know about the latest models.

I will not be investing in gold-plated cables.

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