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What do you think causes "the Mondays"?

Asked by silverfly (4055points) October 10th, 2011

Monday is, for many, the worst day of the week. It’s a reminder that you have to start all over again another week in a row. Same drive, same hassles, same work.

What do you think causes “the Mondays”? What causes them for you? Do you even get “the Mondays”?

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Having the wrong job. I happen to not mind Mondays.

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I don’t experience this, and anything close is simply because I’m lazy on the weekends.

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Too short a weekend.

A three or four day one would be better.

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@lloydbird Agreed, or at least an afternoon nap.

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Uh oh. Sounds like sombody’s got a case of the Mondays!

In all seriousness, however, there’s a good bit of research that shows that as a result of people changing their sleep patterns over the weekend (staying up late, sleeping in), they’ve disrupted their schedule enough to result in fatigue and depression. If you maintain your normal schedule, it’s supposed to help.

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Ambivalence towards what one is up to, be it work or otherwise. Or feeling overwhelmed by the tasks of the week ahead.

See also this thread

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I love Mondays, looking forward to projects and deadlines by Friday. Works well for me. I second @digitalimpression

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Definitely “the weekends.”

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I never really suffered from “the Mondays”. Of course there are days that I just don’t want to get up after a long weekend or when I got to bed at 0300 and have to be someplace at 0700. My guess is that people that cronically have the “Monday Blues” are in the wrong, job, go to the wrong school, or they didn’t do their homework.

When you get to be my age, just waking up is a good thing; everyday’s Saturday morning, sometime with cartoons.

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The same thing that causes jet lag. Adjusting your hours.

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The Sundays.

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I think it’s because during the weekend you break out of the same old grind, so you feel free. Monday rolls around again and you’re reminded of those familiar dreadful feelings. Therefore, you hate Mondays.


I get the “Sunday Evenings” more than the “Mondays”. On Sunday evening, I usually have this sort of dreadful feeling knowing that Monday’s tommorow, and a full work week ahead. It’s kind of depressing. Does anyone else here have this feeling on Sunday evenings, or on the last evening of your holidays (just before you go back to work)?

I think it’s because I don’t want to have to deal with all the hassle ahead of me, that’s why. It’s harder when the daylight hours shorten too, with the impending fall and winter. Blah.

@CWOTUS knows what I’m talking about.

But after getting over a Monday, it’s like I’m not bothered or depressed about it anymore. Weird.

@lloydbird, you are right. Weekends should be 3 days, not 2. Who came up with the stupid idea of a 2 day weekend anyway?? lol

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My Mondays are better than any other day in my work week simply because all of my tormentors are tied to their desks. My Monday is your Friday afternoon.
One of the upsides of having free-floating days off is that any day can be a Friday.
One of the downsides is that you can have two days off at the start of a week, and not have another until the end of the next week, effectively giving you a 12-day work week. Hasn’t happened to me yet…
* *The inverse (?) of the downside is that I can theoretically have a 4-day weekend for no reason at all.

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I don’t really know what day of the week it is, ever. Totally random work schedule.

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