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What would a good quality Spanish guitar purchased in 1962 be worth today?

Asked by skfinkel (13537points) October 10th, 2011

Mine is gone, and I want to know what it would cost to replace if I could buy the same one today.

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There’s really no way to know, exactly. The worth of an instrument is difficult to predict in such generalities. It would really depend on the make and the model. The value of a vintage Spanish guitar today wouldn’t necessarily be determined by it’s quality as much as it would be determined by whether or not it was sought by players or collectors. A quality guitar, that is well maintained and well cared for over the years, so that is as playable. perhaps more playable, than it was when it was new will have a certain value. Anything above that will be determined by how desirable an instrument, by players and collectors it is, I think.

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Best I can do is say that it looks like 70’s era original (model #001) Pimentel classical guitars in top condition can sell for $1,200.

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@XD Where are you getting that information? I don’t see where @skfinkel has given any information or linked to anything that would allow you to be that specific. Am I missing something?

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I just happen to know that Pimentel is a decent manufacturer of classical/flamenco-style guitars and found a blurb about the shop telling someone that they could sell their old one for $1,200 if it was in top condition. They’ve sold their old guitars for as many years, so one assumes they know what their talking about, but it’s just a reference point. It’s better than nothing, no?

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thanks. i appreciate the assistance.

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