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Why do you add a topic to your profile?

Asked by Imadethisupwithnoforethought (14664points) October 13th, 2011

Are you adding it because you are confident that you know something about the subject?

Is it because you want to see those questions out of curiosity?

Do you add them so that people will know something about your personality when they review your profile?

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To have questions I’m interested in arrive in my “just for you” box.

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What she^^ said.

JilltheTooth's avatar

What they ^ ^ ^ said. ;-)

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What all of them ^^^^ said.

Bellatrix's avatar

Can’t add to what they all said but I can’t find the up arrow on my keyboard.

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I added a few just so questions will come to me. Later I found out some of them don’t really work like that. There’s a different way to make questions appear at QFY but that’s my little secret.

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The ^ might be on your 6 key.

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What ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ said.

Bellatrix's avatar

Oh there it is!!! Thank you @Brian1946 (and @PhiNotPi). Well you learn something new every day…

What they said ^^^^.

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Well, some time ago it was a whole interest/where you lived and all thing. I haven’t changed mine since then. Might have to update. But since it gives me questions to things I’m interested in, I don’t really see a need to. I wonder where my ’‘under a stairwell’’ went though.

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“Under a stairwell”? Was this a topic? I would add that one. That sounds fascinating.
“Through the wardrobe”.
“Under the bed with the dust bunnies”.

Berserker's avatar

@Bellatrix I put that under ’‘places I’ve lived’’. XD

Bellatrix's avatar

:-) Such a pity we can’t make new topics (I understand why before people come out of the woodwork and beat me with a ‘mods are too busy’ stick). It would just be fun.

You have lived under the stairs? I always wanted to have a room in an attic or a basement.
Sorry…taking the topic off-topic.

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Do attics even exist anymore? (in modern housing) I’ve never seen an authentic one, although I’ve seen house tops you could go in, but that was mainly for wiring and such. Attics are weird. Usually, you store stuff downstairs in the basement. But that’s what attics are for, too. Must be tough lugging all that shit up there. And I want a bedroom in one, too.

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I would love an attic bedroom. When I was on holiday, I stayed in an attic room in one house. It was a long way up those stairs with a suitcase. It was nice though.

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I think when I first joined, I did it just because I wanted to put something there. I’m from WA and OR, so I may know a little bit more than someone who has never lived there, lol.

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What they ^^^ all said.

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Some topics deserve to be added. Topics like Seahorse Porn.

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I never paid much attention to them until a fellow jelly pointed them out to me. Now I’m very in tune to all topics on all questions.

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I don’t really use the topics to get questions in my inbox, as long ago I realized that the bot is completely off anyway. The formula for inbox q’s includes what you have responded to – so even if you have joined a thread at the end, which was about a subject you know nothing about, you might get quantum physics, and feminnie hygiene issues Just for you.

So I collect funny topics that slip through the cracks. Check out my profile for some examples of wacky topics.

Edit: I just went through my list of topics, which you can make either private or public by the way, and discovered that many had disappeared. I guess when a topic is ultimately deleted by a topic mod, it is removed from the site completely. So my list has dwindled and is no longer interesting. Darn.

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Because the voices in my head told me to.

(__)\ -———- )\/\
—- |—WWW |
—- ||———— ||

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@blueiiznh I’m jealous. The voices haven’t spoken to me recently.

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Nowadays you draw a cow and get seven lurve. Just saying.

JilltheTooth's avatar

That’s a cow? Cool. 8 lurve.

WillWorkForChocolate's avatar

Looks like a horse to me. I lurve horses.

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I only have one topic: kumquats.

I never want to miss a question about kumquats.

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