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Anyone stuck home on a snowday?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (11161points) February 8th, 2013

If so, what are y’all doing?

I’m snowed in and may go for a beach walk.

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Our west coast storm completely petered out last night and I woke up to sunshine and freezing temps. I am off work until Monday and am sitting at my living room window fluthering right now and having my last cup of coffee at 9:59 a.m. Today is a cozy house mouse day and I am still recovering from my crazy, busy, 1st half of the week.

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Working from home. It’s really starting to come down now. The 24 (or more) inches doesn’t bother me as long as we keep power through the 65+ mph wind gusts we are supposed to get. Who would build (or buy – damn me) a house in New England without a fireplace?

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I wish. It’s another dull, dreary, gray-skied moderately cold day in Tennessee. Just like every day before it for weeks now and every day after it will be for ages. Winter in Tennessee is the worst. I’d rather have dramatic snowfall than just meh cold gray all winter long.

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@diavolobella Agreed. I live above the fog line and at the snow line in my area and the valley can stay socked in with fog for weeks on end. Suicide weather I call it. Bleh!

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Nah I live in boring old Florida.
No snow for me man.
But we have lots of pollen and stuff to torture me.

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@TinyChi yes, and giant snakes and alligators that eat people and pets. lol

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Not yet. Told all my reports at work to WFH today.

I am looking forward to breaking out the snowshoes.

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Yup. Big ole blizzard coming. No work, no school. Cooking a bunch of food, watching TV, reading, and napping are on the menu for three days.

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A big stawm, Cookieman?

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I am never stuck at home during a snow day, unless I want to be. I will be out on my snowshoes if I don’t have to go to work.

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Hahahahahahahaha. That’s cute.

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Alaska AshLeigh laughs at a wussy little 3 feet of snow. lol

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^^ It’s true.

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3 ft of snow would be great around here. My part time winter job is moving snow, my boss starts at $200/hr. Playing with the Bobcat in the snow is fun, getting paid is a bonus.

That isn’t me but you get the idea.

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Nope, just stuck at home on a “holy shit, you need to write at least 10 pages today, bookish” day.
Be safe y’all!

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We got this pretty decent snowstorm today. Really cold with fast winds that whip all the snowflakes in your eyes, and it hurts. and I like it But in Qu├ębec we don’t know the meaning of being snowed in. Which would suck if I was 13, because I’d still have to go to school.

also I swear, this snow plow was completely stalking me That’s right, I spent a lot of time out in that storm. ain’t got no car bro

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Snow angel time!!!!!!

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Classes were cancelled yesterday, but since the storm mostly hit us overnight, it wasn’t too bad to go out. I got groceries during the day and spent the evening at some friends’ apartment. The walk back from the apartment at midnight was rough!

Now this morning it is nutty out there. Gonna have to leave my building today if I want to eat, but not looking forward to it.

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In southern Arizona it’s the same thing every day in winter: shovel six feet of sunshine out of the driveway.

If you are going to Arizona, tear the map in half. If it’s summer, throw away the bottom half. If it’s winter, throw away the top half.

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