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If you were given the opportunity to earn $1,000,000 but first had to willfully spend a larger amount on others, would you do it, and if so, how?

Asked by Mantralantis (1502points) October 15th, 2011

The main objective: The first thing is to accept it. Secondly, to earn this $1,000,000 you must first test your own will by spending $10,000,000 showing your spirit of goodwill to others and… quite possibly to undertake the huge task of giving your time to the less fortunate world.

So then…would you do it? And if so, how would you earn your cool one-million in this situation?

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I’d definitely do it. It would be easy for me to find charities and organizations to donate $10,000,000 to—AND work for them.

Actually, I’d spend $10,000,000 on my favorite organizations, work for them, and not need the $1,000,000 at the end.

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Oh, heck yeah! I’ll be like Santa Claus. I would help all my family members first and then I’ll give the rest away to food banks to help feed those in need right now.

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I am confused. I do not have 10 million to spend in order to get 1 million back. However I would love to spend a million buying lunches for the homeless.

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@linguaphile – ”...and not need the $1,000,000 at the end.”

Well, thats just swell, ling. That is just an excellant way for an english teacher like yourself to be positive. Yep.

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@Pandora – Everyone definitely needs to eat that’s for sure.

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@Dog – Yep. I get confused sometimes too, Dog. And even I don’t have $10,000,000 ! But I would still consider buying lunches for the homeless.

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I don’t have $10 million so I am not sure how I would fund that but I definitely have a lot of goals in terms of helping others, so I would happily do it if I could. One thing I would like to set up a scholarship for Indigenous journalists. To help fund their study. I would also like to fund a half-way house for people and children who are moving out of abusive relationships and need support while they find their feet.

I already have plans for what I would do to help others if I won a really large amount on the lottery or something. $1,000,000 is actually not that much money these days sadly.

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@Bellatrix – The elephant in the question about the $10,000,000 is assuming that an already wealthy single person, organization or foundation were to present the public with this situation.

Bella, if you did not totally understand my question, I apologize, as only I must. But I do thank you for what you said further.

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