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In this sci-fi scenario where you could prolong your life by sleeping 24 hours every other day or more, would you do it?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26577points) October 16th, 2011

As asked, thanks.

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I’m assuming I sleep every other day and then live about twice as long so that I’m awake an equal amount of time throughout my life?

I think it would largely depend if people I love are doing it too. There are some people that I don’t really want to outlive, you know?

It would also largely depend on our prospects of what the future will be like. If it’s looking like the future’s going to be awesome, heck yes. If it’s looking like the world is just going to get overcrowded and hot and miserable, no thanks. Especially because my prolonged life would make the problem of overcrowding worse.

Did I overthink that?

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Nah. Life is long enough as it is. I wouldn’t want a longer life.

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Guess it depends on just how prolonged my life would be. If the prolonging is only enough to make up for the extra time sleeping, probably not – losing every other day for essentially no conscious gain over time sounds like a hassle. However if I’m doubling the amount of time I’d be awake for that might be enough to do it.

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@Mariah No, you sure did not. : )

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Sure. I love to sleep.

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Absolutely. I can imagine a scenario where some people would sleep on odd days and others on even. They would never meet It would be like living in parallel universes – so close but never touching.

Until a magical day which occurs every 400 years when leap years are not counted and the clock calendars were not set correctly to recognize it.
The situation can go one of two ways: War ensues or there is mass love making in the streets.

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My god, I would do it even if it didn’t prolong my life.

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I already do!! almost

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not if all I get at the end of it is a few decades of extreme old age, not a chance. I don’t want to live to be 150 if the last half of that is spent sitting and drooling in a nursing home.

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It would have to extend my life by an equivalent ratio (from life I’m missing out on) for me to consider it.

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I love sleeping. So yes, I would do it.

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No. Because while one slept things can happen.
Exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed, either physically or emotionally.
And the amount ot time to readjust to waking to an alert state would take too long.

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