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If you had the ability to create a new universe and observe its development would you exercise it?

Asked by hiphiphopflipflapflop (6093points) March 29th, 2009

Inspired by this question and the game Spore.

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Absolutely. Wait, are there repercussions?

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That would depend on whether we understood, by then, the implications for such an act on our own universe. Also, if we had long enough lifespans by then to actually observe our creations.

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Sure, why not? It would be fun!

Seriously, assuming your universe can’t perceive you back, there isn’t anything you can do to influence the universe. So, it would be just like creating Art – something that has meaning to the rest of us, but isn’t harmed by us.

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Nah, too much pressure.

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@crisw for the purpose of this question, I am making the assumption that there is no direct impact save for some expenditure of a quantity of mass/energy that wouldn’t “bust your budget” so to speak and that you can “fast forward” your observation of the new universe.

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without a doubt. especially if it was a small, observable universe. I mean, if we’re talking about just making one appear out of thin air sort of thing, or without at scientific devices, the pure amount of data you could collect about your little test tube universe would be remarkable.

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Sure. It’d be good science (assuming the assumptions you mentioned to Cris are correct).

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Been there. Done that.

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I don’t think I could merely observe. I’m much too hands on and…uh…tweaky(?) to just watch. I know that I could fiddle around with the original defaults before blowing the cosmic wad but afterwards I may want to step in as a burning bush or a plauge of locusts, just to shake things up.

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@AstroChuck Been there. Done that What do you mean?

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@AstroChuck: Yes, me also. My time spent with an ant farm didn’t go well for them.

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Probably not. It’s sounds too labor intensive for me. I’d turn the project over to someone here on Fluther or even God maybe and let them run with it. Wait, that’s been done before on God’s part. Or not according to atheists and agnostics.

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I tried to keep budgerigars and they all died. I doubt I would have been any more successful with an ant farm. As it is, caring for 4 dogs is enough.

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Creating a universe could be a huge responsibility. What if life evolved in my universe? How responsible would I be for those living beings? What if the laws I set up in my universe interfered with someone else’s universe, or what there was a loophole in them?
I don’t have the proper knowledge for this kind of thing. I don’t think I’d do it; it would be irresponsible unless I knew exactly what I was doing.

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I was about to type “it’s not my place to create life” but then I realized how ridiculous that is. LOL. We create life all the time. I think what I meant was on that type of scale. Now I have to sit and think about this question. Good one.

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In my universe there are no painfully crippled, mentally retarded, homicidal, child molesting or raping humans. There is no religion. Animals and humans understand one another’s language. If war breaks out between humans and animals because they now understand each other then I can intervene and destroy them all but they don’t know of my existence.

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No way. Choosing to create children was a huge decision, and a very difficult responsibility. I would never want to be responsible for an entire universe.

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@hungryhungryhortence – Remember the Star Trek TNG series “Masterpiece Society” ?

A crippled or a otherwise challenged person (like the blind Geordi) can be a very valuable person capable of helping others.

My baby universe would not be perfect. Maybe I’d change some of the parameters to make interstellar travel a bit easier.

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@mattbrowne I don’t know much about the new Star Treks but if I created a universe, blind deaf or malformed wouldn’t be unacceptable. What would be unacceptable and therefore not created at all would be the pained or suffering. In my universe, all would have mobility and health in addition to their minds.

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@hungryhungryhortence – A society without deaf and blind people is a weaker society in my opinion. It might sound like a paradox, but it’s not.

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@mattbrowne I thought I was pretty clear in not having any desire to exclude the deaf, blind or malformed from my universe as long as they weren’t in any pain. I’d have to give them new bodies if that happened but would let the original mind transfer over. I’m not a cruel creator.

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I would do so then immediately proceed to surrender my abilities and “observational services” to scientists and any other group who are interested as if I took such a responsibility upon myself alone it is probable that I would become corrupted and possibly insane.

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@hungryhungryhortence – Thanks for the clarification :-)

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I think I would oppose doing so in practice . I fear that the new universes would likely contain more suffering than happiness, because most of the sentient organisms we know about are small, wild animals that live short, often unpleasant lives . If this could be avoided, then I’d be glad to create the new universes. But I doubt whether it would be possible to engineer real, physical lab universes in that way.

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C’est le meilleur des mondes possibles.

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Yes, if I get to rest on the 7th day. I would create a perfect universe just as soon as I get a proper definition of perfect.

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If it would have no negative repercussions for our own universe, then definitely !

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