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Are you a 'saint' (question about nuisances)?

Asked by rebbel (27342points) October 16th, 2011

In research results, many times you’ll find that an X percentage of people get annoyed by certain behaviour (like: 80% of questioned persons hate people who throw garbage on the streets I assume then that those 80% don’t do it themselves, yet the streets are full of trash).
What I want to say is: people get annoyed by certain behaviour, but clearly some are guilty of doing those deeds themselves or so I believe.
I hate people trashing the streets with empty cans or wrappers, and I never do it myself.
But also, I don’t like it when cyclists cross the (red) traffic lights, yet every now and then I am guilty of doing exactly that.
So, what is something you think is annoying/disgraceful, but, you have to admit, you do yourself sometimes?

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Speeding on the motorway. Currently set at a pedestrian 70mph. I mean, howay!

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Really good question. I’ll get back to you.

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Yes, yes I am.

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Play my music too loud in the golf cart or car. But of course, I have good taste in music.

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Go through a yellow light.

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^I got a 165.00 ticket for going through a yellow light. Son of a..

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Interrupting during a conversation and yelling across the house to talk to people on the other side rather than walking over and talking to them.

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Annoyed by people talking loud on the phones when in a bus. I do it because I can’t talk without “yelling” .. I am annoyed by others but can’t talk in whispers.

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Sleep around.

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Yell, I hate it when people yell but I know I do it at times at work.

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I hate it when the car behind me tailgates me. Every so often though, I find myself doing the same thing and having to break in order to back off a bit.

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Another vote for gossip.

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Talking like a pretentious asshole, especially in public. Hate it, especially when I do it. Sometimes I just stop mid-sentence and cringe at myself.

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