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Does anyone know what happened to some of my older groups in facebook?

Asked by choreplay (6297points) October 17th, 2011

Some older groups in facebook, some I created, disappeared. I can’t find the link to them anymore. I read how they were changing the format and there would be a conversion, but I don’t remember seeing anything about do it or risk being deleted. Is this what happened?

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I think they did just dissappear. I know one group I had created I received a notice that I would need to do soething when the change happened. The other administrator on my group actually created the new one. So, I guess if no one created the new group, the group just dissappeared.

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I don’t think we’re aloud to have them anymore. :(

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They removed all the “groups” that were not being visited over the last six months.

They require a minimum and measure the number of visitors to the groups.

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thanks, wish I hadn’t missed that, oh well

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