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Twilight! :)

Asked by deannaa (30points) May 11th, 2008

a lot of people are probably in LOVE with the twilight series.. so i was just wondering what are some of your favorite quotes from the three books?

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I do love these books and I did read the three that are out so far twice in a row but I can’t say I remember any specific quotes though. I can’t wait for the movie, but I especially can’t wait for Breaking Dawn :)

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I found one :)

“This looks like a horror movie waiting to happen”-Bella

“Well there are more than enough vampires present”- Edward

“Do you want me to bolt the doors so you can massacre the unsuspecting townsfolk?” – Bella

“And where do you fit into that scheme?”-Edward

“Oh, i’m with the vampires of course.”-Bella

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i <3 twilight!!
hmmm my favourite quote…
“So the lion fell in love with the lamb”-Edward
“What a stupid lamb”- Bella
“What a sick masochistic lion” -Edward

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“Does my being half-naked bother you?”

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Your best friend is a werewolf? Edward was right—you’re a magnet for danger. Weren’t you supposed to be staying out of trouble? Leave it to you, Bella. Anyone else would be better off when the vampires left town. But you have to start hanging out with the first monsters you can find.

Alice Cullen, New Moon, Chapter 17, p.387

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