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What resourceful innovation did you resort to?

Asked by smilingheart1 (6408points) October 18th, 2011

I have been thinking on this for awhile now and it came up again this morning when I was caught with frost on the windshield of my vehicle and no ice scraper immediately available to me. I sat there waiting for the defrost to do its job but soon grabbed a CD cover and effectively go the windshield cleaned off that way.

What makeshift solution have you resorted to anywhere around your domestic world? Could include recipe substitutes, etc.

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I remember one morning I used my student I.D. in tandem with some vodka.

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@smilingheart1 Windshield washer fluid with deicer in it.

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I use the cat to mop the floor, like this ;-) Lol…….. She loves it.
She’s a Tux too btw….....

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I was sailing along blissfully with nary a cloud in the sky. Somewhere in the middle of the lake, a sudden squall blew up, capsizing me and tearing my rudder out of it’s hardware. I was sailing a thirty year old sunfish, which is a doubly makeshift boat.

I managed to right the craft and pull the sail in and rehook it to the stay on the stern. I started to sail along and discovered I had no control over the boat. I realized that my rudder had come loose from the bottom bracket.

In order to get it back where it belonged, I had to remove it from the top bracket, which is held by a pin with a pin lock that holds it in place. The pin lock was bent, so I couldn’t release the rudder. Meanwhile, the wind is growing and the waves are getting rougher and rougher, and I am getting washed over every time a wave comes by.

I try to flatten out the pin lock with my fingers, but get nowhere. Then I try to force it to align with the pin so I can get the pin out, again with no luck. There’s nothing on the boat that is hard enough to back that pin lock with. Then I realize that I just got a new watch for my birthday—made of titanium. I was able to flatten the pin lock, pull out the pin, reseat the rudder in the bottom bracket, jam the pin back in to lock the rudder to the top bracket and then, again banging with my watch, swivel the pin lock so it locked the pin in place. I was thus able to allow myself to be blown home (downwind, fortunately).

My watch still bears the scratches from that adventure. I guess brass can score the titanium. I’m glad I had bought myself my birthday present, since it is not only titanium, but it is waterproof to 300 feet, and it has a slide rule! No battery needed, ever! A magic watch, indeed!

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I use babywipes to dust with.

Plastic garbage bags make good clothes covers. I poke the hangers through a hole in the bottoms the pull the drawstrings and tie them off. This makes moving easier and also for packing stuff to go in the car for out of town.

When bringing clothes from the dryer to our bedroom, I often stuff them into the largest T-shirt in the load and use it as a sack to carry.

When we do Poop Patrol in the yards, we wrap our hands in a few plastic grocery bags and grab the poops with one hand and drop them into the other bag. When done then we roll the bag off the poop grabbing hand down over the full of poop bag and tie it off.

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Well I can’t remember any but I do know I’m very innovative when it comes to these situations.

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