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If you've ever had to rake leaves in the Fall, as an adult, did you ever just stop raking and jump into the leaf piles and think to yourself 'heck with it'?

Asked by Mantralantis (1508points) October 18th, 2011

Obviously, raking leaves for many can be a very tiresome, unwanted and “put off-ish” type of chore to have to do. True enough. But it can also have its rewarding effects. And jumping into leaf piles is just one of them. All you have to do…is look around. Yep.

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Not really. We don’t have many trees in our yard, and my husband has a leaf blower. I’m allergic to leaves, as well as mold, so jumping in would probably make me itchy or sneezy.

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The only reason we rake leaves is to jump into the piles or toss leaves to play into. We have a mulching mower and do not rake/bag leaves ever.

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I rake them into long rows about 4 feet wide and set them on fire. It is so rewarding to watch them disappear. And it smells oh so good.

Check local fire codes in your area before even considering doing this!

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I love jumping in the leaves with reckless abandon.

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I love falling leaves, I wait til my yard is buried and often don’t rake til Dec. I don’t get those that are so anal they have to rake all their leaves immediately. lol


Yes…my neighbors and I do big bonfires too out in our pasture. It’s amazing, everything is already greening up after the little rain we have had this month. I was just standing at the edge of my yard watching the leaves falling down in my Oak studded pasture on the newly green grass. Beautiful!

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NO. I am to big and the pile of leaves has to be really big or else I’d injure myself.

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No, but I loved to wade in them.

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Always! They itch when you get them in your underwear but that’s par for the course. LOL

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@EnchantingEla – “Par for the course?” What?.. when it itches getting…okay, I give up. I did laugh, though. So there’s that for you. :^)

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I would be so happy if someone could come up with a cologne that smelled like autumn leaves. I love to jump in the piles… I did, however learn a sharp lesson about checking the location of the rake before leaping in. :/

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Always. Unless my daughter beats me to the pile first.
“Never jump into a pile of leaves with a wet sucker.”
It takes two full weekends to rake in the fall (yes the first weekend is coming up) and some of my oaks don’t drop till spring.
There are strategic jumping piles laid out all over the place before I haul them to the “back 40” for one hell of a burn.

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